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Our stationary *PIC*

clarryclarry Posts: 3,311

We've finally decided on a design:


  • clarryclarry Posts: 3,311
    This is only a rough copy I've done quickly from paper so the finished ones should look even better x
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    Hey - they look amazing!

    Well done! image x
  • clarryclarry Posts: 3,311
    Thank you I'm really chuffed with them - another thing we can cross off our list! Getting there slowly.

  • They look fab - I love the black and white it really stands out and looks so stylish x
  • macysmummacysmum Posts: 3,230
    wow, they dont look home made.

    well done you!
  • lauzyuklauzyuk Posts: 544
    These are very simular to mine...obviously we have great taste! lol x
  • MrsLG2beMrsLG2be Posts: 113
    Can I ask how you went about making them? They look so professional! I would love a patterned design but had ruled it out as I thought you had to go with a company to make something like that.
  • clarryclarry Posts: 3,311
    I searched 'damask' on google images and just copied and pasted it word and played around with it!
  • MrsLG2beMrsLG2be Posts: 113
    Gosh, you'd never know that you just printed those out! They're amazing, I think I'll give it a go!
  • ladybradyukladybradyuk Posts: 2,002
    Wow they look fab - well done you! X
  • clarryclarry Posts: 3,311
    Thank you *blush* x
  • I'm also going to print my own invites, and I've not got far with them but am wondering how you seemed to get it to print right to the edge of the page?? the invite looks A4, or is it smaller and cut round?

    I was hoping to have a flower faded out as a background to my invites, with text over the top, but so far it isn't working as it cuts the edges off...might just have to print 1 per page instead of 2 and cut round I guess but wanted to try and save on card etc!
  • clarryclarry Posts: 3,311
    They're only A6 size so they are cut out. I just changed the margin sizes but could still only print 2 per page. I used the space around for the place cards to save card x
  • Ooooh, lovely.

    Can you print from google straight on to cards?
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