Balloon advice needed please.

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Hi girls.

We are on a very tight budget so was considering doing our own balloons. We were thinking of having a me to you foil balloon with a couple of latex balloons with them.

I have a couple of questions about this though that I hope you can help me with.

The first being...

We are having a pink and silver colour scheme to our wedding, Do you think we should have the foil balloons with 2 pink and then the next with 2 silver then 2 pink etc... or do you think we should just go for the one colour. We are going to have them around the room as we already have things on the tables and balloons would be to much on them.

The second question is....

If we were to buy our own balloons when would we need to blow them up? Would it be ok to do them the night before or should we get someone to do them on the morning at the reception venue? We are getting married at 1pm and then have a 20 min journey to the hotel for the reception.

Many thanks for your help in advance x


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    If you are using helium then the morning would be better as we had balloons and the lady said the later you leave it the better it is , hope that helps xx
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    hiya ive been told that it is better to do it on the morning as latex balloons do not last as long as the foil ones, ie - the latex ones last hours and the foil ones days.

    we are having our balloons treated to make them last longer.

    i think you should have a variation in the colour of the latex ones - but thats my personal opinion. I am having just latex - 5 groups of 3, 2xteal and 1xsilver in each one image

    yes if you bought your own you perhaps would have to blow them up yourself but you could buy helium canisters or clinton cards told me (my local one) they will do them for 50p a balloon - hope this helps xx
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    I would say def do on the day, latex balloons wont last 24 hours and even the treated ones only last a little longer.

    We did some for a birthday party recently, they did take alot longer than originally expected, so rope in a willing volunteer.

    I would say two colours in groups also.

    We mixed silver foil with black latex and it looked good. (Star wars theme!! birthday, not wedding lol)

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