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Does anyone know where i can buy ribbon to put round the front of a wedding car, i've looked everywhere but i cant find anything!! It needs to be lilac.



  • VV Rouleaux is a wonderful place for ribbons - they are based in Marylebone, London but also have a website. But they are rather extravagent for a car!! I once decorated my boyfriend (now fiance!)'s car for the wedding of some friends. Being a last-minute kinda gal I went shopping after work the night before the wedding to equip myself! I went to John Lewis and found lots of lovely broad ribbons in white and silver. I bought some shimmery pink rosettes from one of the high street card shops to put in little clusters on the front and back of the car. And I scattered fresh pink rose petals and little shiny hearts on the back seat of the car, with fresh roses strewn on the back window ledge. They absolutely loved it! It cost under £30. Again, the ribbons I found, although beautiful, were probably more expensive than you need to pay. Why not ask a chauffeur company where they source their wedding car ribbons?
  • Becky, I'm sure far more helpful than my last reply is this website:

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    Wow, thats exactly what i'm looking for!! Thank you..

    Only priced at £2.99 aswell... bargin!!!
  • Ah, don't thank me, thank the wonderful Mr Google!
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    I tried serching on there... must have missed it... they call me 'blonde' for a reason!! hehe
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