Calling all Worcestershire Brides! Help Needed!

joedwards2118joedwards2118 Posts: 1,604
Hi ladies,

Who have you used as your suppliers for flowers and cake and who is your photographer?

We're on a budget of sorts and are looking for value for money but the one thing we really want to treasure are our wedding photos. image

Any recommendations would be great, I've been trawling through google for hours now and thought I'd found a photographer that maybe we could meet with but saw that the packages started from £1200! image Bit too much I've gotta be honest!

I have sent Confetti cakes an email and am waiting for a reply but really need to get my bum in gear with other things.

Our wedding's not until July next year but I just feel that the last 5 months (since we got engaged), have flown by and I'm worried if I don't pull my finger out then it'll be 2010 and I'll still have things to do!

Thanks in advance for any replies!

Jojobean xx


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