Personalised Teddy Bears!!! For The Wedding Party

Just to let everyone know!!! If you wanting to give great gifts and a little puzzled about what to get your Bridesmaids or Best Man/ushers, here's a great little gift I came across. Personalised Teddy Bears!!! I ordered 6 bears altogether for my wedding and their so Cute and Lovely. The service was great and I'm so pleased with them that I thought others should know!!! They are a great idea. I've added a link. Just have a look. Just need to highlight the link and copy and paste it into your web browser or click the link below.

Just one less thing to think about!!!!!


  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    You can also get these bears along with other personalised t-shirts, books, towels, bikini's -ANYTHING from who are brilliant too - you could check prices I don't kno who is cheaper.
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