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hi there,

i'm reseraching photographers and wondering who everyone else has picked and what prices they're paying and what they get for it? I really don't want to spend morethan £1000!

many thanks in advance!

B x

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  • madogz77madogz77 Posts: 279
    im using a local shop, they take pics for the newspaper etc when anything is happening around here, they have done a few weddings, and i was very impressed with things they showed me, and they come in at £450, all pics on a disc, and a large album for us, and 2 smaller ones for parents, also 100 thank you cards with our chosen photo
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    Hi Beth,

    What area are you in? Will have a look around for you, there are always cheaper alternatives and the images are just as nice, if not better!! x
  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493

    has over 200 UK photographers under £500
  • beth1985ukbeth1985uk Posts: 114
    thanks for the link!

    I'm in Bedfordshire
  • £1000?!!! You can hire two quality photographer for that price...but the problems is if you want print or not; coz most of the charges go to the actual photo processing but not paying off the day of the photographer.
  • Researchuk1Researchuk1 Posts: 60
    we booked a company called weshootweddings and we looked at TONS of sites! xx
  • lyliedonalyliedona Posts: 9
    hi I am using this lady she's really good and has affordable price as well . check her website
  • CHCCHC Posts: 54
    HIya - ours offers a package for £500 and you get all the pictures on a DVD to print yourself. He was really flexible with us and we just added a couple of hours to that package.

    I'm really pleased with them- we were given over 300 images and I've made my own album. Best of luck with all the planning.

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    Hi Beth

    Below is my message which started the threas "Photography , why pay more...?"

    Hi to all those who are currently planning their Wedding. I am getting married in August and for the past year my stunning fiance (the boss) has been adicted to this site. So I thought I would get in on the action.

    I am in the throws of setting up my own photography business and I NEED YOUR HELP.

    I am in need of some REAL WEDDINGS to photograph in order to build up a portfolio of work. In return for your help I will provide you with a DVD of each and every photograph I take for you to do with as you please.

    I am based in Kent and would prefer to stay local as this will keep my costs down. I have recently taken some photographs of a Wedding of a good friend and would happily share some examples of my work. In return for them letting me take snaps at their Wedding, they received over 200 imaged on DVD at NO COST TO THEM AT ALL!!

    This is a genuine request for help and to prove my sincerity, I would happily take some pre-wedding shots for you in advance of your big day in order to make sure you are happy with my work.

    This FREE offer is obviously limited and will be on a first come, first serve basis.

    If this is of interest to you, please leave a reply on this forum.


  • lisariazlisariaz Posts: 369
    a lady did a whole thread on photographers under £750, 500 etc, it was about 3-4 weeks ago, it was brilliant, she must have spent hours researching it, i will try and find it for you x
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    hello, i think we're going to use the below - a friend is using him.. I've just had a proper poke through his website actually this morning and his pics are stunning! sorry not sure on the price as i haven't got a quote yet but I wouldn't think my chum is paying any more than a grand... a photographer is something I def want to spend enough money on to get what we want.. gonna be staring at the pics for a long time to come after all so worth getting someone who's work you really love. have a look at this chaps portraits too - SO cute!
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