No bridesmaid?

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Just wondering if anyone is anyone is in the same position as me with potentially no bridesmaid? I've asked my closest friend to be my bridesmaid but she lives in Canada and as of yet she's not given me a definite answer if she can come to the wedding, there's six months to go.

So I am preparing for the fact she might not come and therefore i'll have no bridesmaid. I don't have any other close friends or family i can ask.

Incidentally my other half is in the same boat with no best man at the moment so perhaps we should go without a best man and bridesmaid and make it look like we did it on purpose!


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    I don't think that's a problem at all. Nevertheless, it might be nice to have someone help you with arrangements and stuff. I'm only having one and she too is at the other side of the world! H2b is having his only bro as best man xxxxxxxx
  • i know someone who has just done this...and the wedding was perfect!!! thy got more attention than usual!! image

    but lucialek is right they did have family helping them out on the morning ! image xxx
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    I'm not having any adult bridesmaids, just H2Bs 2 nieces as flower girls.....I asked my best friend and she didn't want too because of her family's culture, and there is noone else I feel I am close enough too to warrant having them as a bridesmaid...I have no sisters/close female relations, and although H2B has 2 sisters their daughters are involved and I only really get on with 1 of them, so you can't really ask 1 without the other!

    I'd love someone to share it all with, but at the end of the day I don't just want 1 for the sake of it! I think we'll be fine, and remember we'll have our families there on the day to support us (and also remember how much we're saving on dresses/shoes/hair/make up etc for bridesmaids!image ) xxx
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    I'm not having bridesmaids.

    Instead I have asked various girlfriends and female family to help out with things - eg organising the hen weekend, doing readings, singing at the ceremony, helping me get dressed on the wedding morning.

    I think it's worked out really well - all my favourite ladies have got to feel "involved" in the wedding (rather than me just singling out two or three), and I've been able to split the traditional bridesmaid duties amongst the people who are best suited to those jobs... and it's saved a lot of expense and hassle in choosing dresses etc!

    I think as long as you make sure that there is someone to fill the bridesmaid duties, eg to help you get ready, then you'll be fine without bridesmaids.

    Best man is a bit more difficult as there are certain things he needs to do - eg the speech - though of course those things are not compulsory and/or can be done by someone else.
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    Im not having any, just having my two nieces ages 6 and 10.

    To be honest I dont really have anybody that I'm that close to so I didnt want to ask someone for the hell of it, plus at the start that was fine as we were keeping everything to a minimal but as usual the wedding is getting bigger by the day. Now my H2B is having 3 Ushers too image

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    I didn't have any bridesmaids and it was still a lovely day- think of what you can save on outfits and your friends can still be involved helping you get ready etc.

    Honestly - don't worry about it ... it's your day and about the both of you!

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