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Im getting married in August and I am about to send my invites out and need some there a nice/polite way of telling guests that you have a gift list? would rather not put the printed cards in that Debenhams supply, as I dont want guests opening the invite and it falling out first and thinking its cheeky! image

Was going to print something out and insert it into the invites as I have other information about accommodation to include and maybe add something about the list at the bottom of this??


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    Oh no, I wrote a really long reply, but it got deleted!!

    I said how about an A-Z? It's been said a million times on here so you may be able to find a few different ones, I'd be happy to post mine if you'd like to see it.
  • baileysukbaileysuk Posts: 58
    yes, that would be great if you could.

    fairly new to the site and still finding my feet!
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    Ours said:

    Brides name and Grooms name will appreciate your presence at their wedding celebration more than your presents. However, if you would like to make a gesture they will have registered a gift list with John Lewis. For details please see accompanying card.

    LPB x
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    we didnt like the cards our gift list (honeymoon) company sent either, so we made up a poem, printed our own little cards and popped them in. People have commented that it was a really lovely thing, no-one thinks its cheeky. Remember, that no-one is obliged to buy you a gift and most people know that, no-one will think its cocky hun xx
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    thanks lpb, quite like the wording of that and not so worried now.

    Any other tips/suggestions gratefully received!

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    We just gave details about where our wedding website was and told guests to check it regularly for updates, maps etc... Our gift list is a page on our website. That way, anyone who is looking for gift ideas can find it, but it doesn't look cheeky at all.
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