magnets- where can i buy them?

MrsAD2bMrsAD2b Posts: 116
Do any one have any suggestions where i could buy sheet magnets or small magnets to stick on the back of my save the date cards?

The ones ive seen are very expensive!

thanks x


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  • veryhappymrsveryhappymrs Posts: 1,374
    I bought save the date magnets from ebay- they printed them for me and sent them already on magnets and it was so cheap- about £25 for 80!!!

    Search save the date magnets on ebay and loads of different ones come up!

  • rosiebannukrosiebannuk Posts: 59
    HI Mrs AD2B,

    I got 100 save the date magnets from vista print for £21.50 inlcuding postage!! They are the size of business cards & are fab! Tey have offers on Vista print all the time, definately worth a look.

  • callalilly2ukcallalilly2uk Posts: 225
    I second Ebay, it is about £1 a metre.
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    hi ya, i went to my local craft store - well actually it was a art shop, and usually with the make your own cards stuff, stamps and inks, fimo and stuff like that, there will be a bag with rolled up magnet tape in for about 90p, i never noticed it before until i found it, but every art shop i go in it is there!! you just cut the required length, i was too impatient to wait for vistaprint!!

    hope you find some x
  • marymary83marymary83 Posts: 417
    ebay x
  • stokieaimstokieaim Posts: 717
    i got a meter strip of it from paper chain for £5.00 and its worked a treat on ours
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