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have i picked a good colour combination ????

RBapulahRBapulah Posts: 15
Hi Girls

Just wanted your advice. Ive been racking my brain for 2 months trying to pick a colour scheme. Ive finally decided to go with mocha,kiwi green and ivory (my dress is ivory) !!!

What do you girls think ?? The wedding is in June 2010



  • UniqueStarUniqueStar Posts: 1,180
    sounds really nice to me. Well done for narrowing it down!!

    good decision in my book at least.:\)
  • Pink_Bride_2011Pink_Bride_2011 Posts: 6,743
    got any pics? sounds good to me
  • kelsmunchkelsmunch Posts: 18
    sounds great - i love browns and greens together

    dont know if youve looked at flowers yet but green spider crysanthemums are stunning
  • starshine942starshine942 Posts: 499
    Oh lovely - I can just picture those together from the Dessy website! They'll look great at your summer wedding xx
  • jenjen032515jenjen032515 Posts: 720
    these are my colours too!!!

    my maids are in brown- its a colour that suits them all!!
  • JemmapukJemmapuk Posts: 581
    Hi, sorry to hijack your thread but just wondered if I could run my colour scheme ideas past you...

    Im struggling to tie something in with my htb's kilt which is blue and green so I was thinking ivory,royal blue and silver?? Do I need another colour in there too? Thanks, Jem
  • kiwi and mocha sounds lovely very fashionable at the mo ixing greens and browns. bet it'll look gorge! you can have some well funcky stuff with that!
  • RBapulahRBapulah Posts: 15
    Hi Girls

    Thank you all for your is a link to the website for the colour combination

    (if you copy and paste into your search engine it should come up - touch wood !!!)

    Unique star- thanks for your compliments, it took me ages to make a decision

    Kelsmunch - No havent started with the flowers yet (im really dragging my heels with organising) but will def look into those type of flowers

    Starshine942 - Ooooh that Dessy website looks really good. Gives me ideas about the style of bridemaids dresses - thanks

    Miss_gingernut - Yay were colour buddies !!! What flowers are you having and also the bridesmaids. i was going to alternate my chair covers with those two colours and also my favours (green and brwon organza bags !!! Wat do you think ????

    Jemmap - Not too sure about the two shades of blue you have as personally im not keen on royal blue, i thinks its a very overpowering colour. I would try (just from my own experience of searching everywhere for colour combinations) not to have too many colours because then it looks a bit messy. Why not use your htb kilt as a colour scheme and add another colour ????

    Ezzy Bluns - Thanks for the comment !! Im really happy you think the colours go together


  • nicolahardingnicolaharding Posts: 1,410
    here are some pics of ur colours

  • nicolahardingnicolaharding Posts: 1,410

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