Hen Night in Surrey - advice needed!!!

mixvix69mixvix69 Posts: 173
Hiya Girlies,

My sister and I are trying to think of somewhere to go in surrey/wimbledon area for my hen night - beginning of August 2009.

I would really like to go for a nice meal which ideally has entertainment included (possibly Greek restaurant/live music/dancefloor). Think people will stay longer then. If it is for a meal and then somewhere else some people may go home. Have a real mix of ages and backgrounds coming.

Anyone been to or arranged theirs and got any ideas???

If not, any other ideas on what to do for a great hen night - am sure my sister is planning some kind fancy dress - am up for a laugh but want to cater for everyone.




  • CaraHicks2bCaraHicks2b Posts: 461
    damn i saw surrey and thought i would be able to help. woking isnt rele very close to wimbledon so not many suggestions there.

    tgi fridays isnt quite the same but the atmosphere and the bar on site might work maybe... greek restuarant does sound much better

    sorry for this useless comment
  • mixvix69mixvix69 Posts: 173
    No cara89 not useless at all - all ideas welcome!! xx
  • haha werid im from woking ! er theres a place in cobham called el toridos o have you considered wimbledon dogs track??
  • Theres a place called the greek vine in Claygate, Surrey (near Esher/Kingston) i've been there. You have a meal and then it turns into a disco! Its fun and good for all ages. They prob get quite a few hen nights cos its that kinda place, the waiters are quite flirty! lol! If your the special girl (i.e birthday girl or bride to be) you get to smash plates! lol!
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