calla lilies, roses, gerberas???

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Hi, I am torn between calla lilies, roses and gerberas for my wedding flowers and I want them all!! eg) calla lilies for centre pieces, gerberas for button holes and top table and roses for bride and bridesmaid this possible or should I keep to just one or two?

I'm having burnt orange bridesmaids and I originally wanted orange roses for me and ivory for them but the florist told me that orange roses would be too bright and mango calla lilies would be better, but I'm just not sure.

Any ideas?


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    I'm having gerba-minis and roses for my bouquet so i reckon you could get away with cala lillies for the centre pieces.

    My aunt is growing me the flowers for the centre pieces and they wont be gerba-minis/roses, so i reckon go fo it image

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    I think that you can totaly get away with all three as long as the colours all blend together. I hope so I've fallen for loads of flowers and was hoping for about 5 or 6 different kinds! x
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    go for them all, I love mixes of flowers types! I am having all artificial flowers as real orchids callas and roses are so so expensive as I love flowers and wanted loads!

    I am having an orange and pink theme and having callas, stargazer lillies, cymbidium orchids, roses, freesias and gerberas!

    And the best bit they are cheaper than real flowers but look soooo realistic and I am giving a vase arrangement to my mum and MIL2B as gifts and keeping my bouquet as a keepsake and putting it in a vase on my dining table,

    sorry for the long winded answer I love flowers and think you should go for them all! If you want a link to where i got mine its

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    You got me worried so I had a little google!


    I think as long as you tie them all together somwhere like the centre pieces it will look stunning - your fella could have a rose and calla lily button hole.... I love flowers! x
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    the next one is a mix of flower types and would look lovely in shades of oranges!
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    I think these would look lovely in orange!
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    You can have all three together dont know if it helps but i had these saved on my computer so will put them on for you !! xx

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    Ah, thanks for your replies and ideas! I think I'm going to go for them all now you have reassured me! I'm going to ask for a mix of orange, pink, yellow and ivory roses for my bouquet and just ivory roses for the bridesmaids. then orange gerebera button holes for the men and top table and Mango and ivory calla lilies for the centre pieces. I love bright colours and all those flowers so I'm oging to go for it....thanks again for your replies. x
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