need help from a computer whizzkid!!


I'm having problems with my homemade invites - again!!!

I have got a map from google maps and it looks lovely on the screen but when I print it out it is not good - kind of blurry!

It's not my ink as I have just put in a new one - is it something to do with the resolution or pixels (haha look at me trying to pretend I know what I'm talking about!!)

Please help before I chuck the computer through the window!!!! image

Ta xxx


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    Ok im no whizzkid not even a whizz actually but I think youre on the right lines here. Its def got something to do with it pixelating when printed. Ive printed maps before and they never come out clear. you can try shrinking it using a copy and paste into word and see if that helps at all. If not AA directions work much easier lol. xx
  • also if youre trying to blow the map up to a bigger size than it was on the screen (ie to fit a page of A4 paper)-it could also be a reason why it is going picelated as you are stretching it to fit, therefore less picels in each sq inch so it doesnt look as clear. when i put some maps onto a leaflet i tried (as much as possible) to keep them the same size and they printed out. i used microsoft publisher to create the leaflet as its easier for stuff like this than microsoft word. or try rather than google maps for the maps
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