Wells, Somerset/Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset Registry

First of all, is there a way to search the forums? There's the search facility in the top right hand corner, but it searches the whole website. I want to just search the forum in case someone has already asked my question.

Now on to my question. I live in Cheddar, Somerset, and the nearest Registry offices that Somerset.gov.uk is offering is Shepton Mallet and Bridgewater. They're 30+ mins drive away. Closer would be Weston-super-Mare or preferably Wells. I have found the Weston office, but can't find one for Wells (surely they must have one!) Any one know if there is one in Wells? Also, can I get married in North Somerset (ie Weston) if I live in Somerset, or do I have to go to the Somerset registry offices? In other words, can I get married in another county to the one I live in?


  • BEC21kyOBEC21kyO Posts: 92
    The quick answer is yes. I live in W-s-M (in Worle) and the Weston office is ten minutes away from me. I'm not getting married there. We had to go and see them (as our local registry office) and get them to see us as if we were getting married there (to take all of the normal details - date of wedding, where we were getting married, full names, jobs and all the other details they normally take) They then sent this info to our chosen venue (bear in mind you pay a fee to both registry offices) who actually do the service. There should be no problem. Not sure about the Wells question but the registry office in W-s-M has very few parking spaces and is almost in the middle of town but is still really lovely. If you need any more info let me know, Bec xx
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