Bridesmaid Help Please

Ok, advice needed please because I cannot make up my mind.

I am wearing an Ellis Bridal dress, the princess and the frog in a very pale pink. I have looked at a million bridesmaid dresses and rose pink seems to bring out the colour in my lace very well and is a good contrast. The only thing is when I dreamt about my wedding I had always thought of having sex in the city type dresses with net and bright colours and I reall love these....

What shall I do, go for the best colour match or the fun ones I love the most??


  • oh picture didnt paste right, its the one with the three girls on the front cover...
  • SuzannahwSuzannahw Posts: 167
    My feeling would be go with the ones you love most - I think sometimes we get obsessed with colour matching and so on when the main thing is that your wedding is a day full of people and things you love.

    So my advice: go for the fun ones, no one at the wedding will have seen the others so they won't be thinking "gosh, a rose colour would bring out her lace more" they'll be thining "those girls look fab and super stylish"
  • ShellebShelleb Posts: 536
    I'm with you FlorenceFifi! You should go for the one's you love the most!!
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