Male Bridesmaid (Bridesman? Bridesboy?)


I'm only having one bridesmaid and he is my closest male friend. Has anyone else had a male bridesmaid? What do I even call him? How do I make him fit in to the traditional roles without him feeling daft? I was thinking of having him wear the same suit as the groom and best man, maybe with a different colour button hole. I would love to hear from others who have had a bridesboy! xx image


  • kate2008ukkate2008uk Posts: 137
    My friend had a bridesman, who walked in after her with her bridesmaid. If I remember rightly he wore the same suit as the groom and best man but with a different waistcoat (that matched the bridesmaids dress).

    He also got to come to the hen do and stag do!
  • I'm having a Bridesman...we grew up together so I knew i'd be having him in my wedding party somewhere.

    We are calling him the Bridesman.

    Our colour scheme is purple. The bridesmaids are in purple dresses and the bridesman is in a grey suit with a matching tie. The groom etc are in the same suit but in black. I did this so that you could tell that he was different from the others.

    He is also coming to my hen weekend hehe
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