How come all of you are so organised? Do you have a gift or something?

45 days to go and I have my first meeting with my photographer on Monday

dress fitting for alterations is on 1st April, only just managed to find a pair of white shoes

Haven't ordered favours

haven't confirmed flowers - I have changed my mind I think from my original suggestions

have lost track of the money

haven't made the appointment with the reception to discuss numbers and requirements yet

not sorted balloon decorations

only just agreed church service

I can go on (cars are booked and cake paid for though, think thats it that's finished)

I don't have time to fit this all in with a full time job, 5 a-side football, kickboxing classes and the pub! How do people do it, I have had 2 years to do it in?


  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    If it had been down to me I would have been just as bad but thankfully my mother took on most of the organisation for me and just consulted with me but she did all the phone calls etc. and got me to appointments when I needed to be there. But really you hav still got time - you've got a florist booked so confirming the flowers is no problem, you've got a venue so that's fine, you've got a way of getting there you've got a h2b and the people you want there coming so who cares about all the little things - if you don't have favours will it really change the day in any major way?? You're there to get married with the people you love watching all the extra bits are just a bonus!!!! 17 days for me!!!
  • sciallensciallen Posts: 246
    Hi Nicola, dont pannic, just make a list of all the stuff you still have to do, then work your way through it and cross off as you go along!! I am "monica"!!!!!!! we have 276 days to go and i think we are pretty much organised (its my middle name). Although, work has been a little quiet since january (we got engaged on christmas day) so its given me plenty of time to get things organised. Im sure your wedding day will be perfect and you'll have a great time. good luck x
  • Planning comes naturally to me.... other people would say I'm bossy imagep

    Also helps that my job has been so stressful recently that I need to focus on something else. H2B is doing quite a bit as well.
  • JenniBukJenniBuk Posts: 75
    i have 507 days to go and am scarilly uber organised, I think I need to change my name to Monika! The thought of anything not going right horrifies me so I am trying to avoid that now by over organising! Although to be fair, I have been planning my dream wedding since I was 7!
  • Just like to say I am getting there now! Made appointments and starting to get it done, my fiance is helping in the phone calls which is good.

    However, I have lost the measurements that I took on my hen weekend last weekend of my bridesmaid that lives away to call the dressmaker, better do something about that quick, I am seeing her Friday if needs be! I'd also like to point out that I am worried about 5 bridesmaid dresses not even started being made yet, when I know they will be made on time and she likes to leave it late in case people loose weight. (She made one where I was a bridesmaid recently and my last fitting was the day before I went on holiday, two weeks before the wedding), surely I should be worried about everything else!

    Been putting the, checking I have enough money to pay it all, off though, better do that asap as 37 days is not long to find it, if I don't have it!
  • Dont worry - I get married in 22 days and we are only meeting the registrar tomorrow, (having a civil wedding) we only went back to the venue to discuss the arrangements 2 weeks ago, we havent got our wedding bands yet and as for the photographer I have paid him but not met up to discuss the day or even thought about what photos we want. My wedding dress was only finished yesterday, but I cant try it on until the weekend as its with my sister 200 miles away etc etc. I had in my mind a nice relaxed month at work before the wedding so I could devote some quality time to the preperations and I have been landed with the biggest project to work on so no chance of any slacking. Still it is my hen weekend this weekend so I can go away and forget about all the things I need to do for 2 days and start my panicking fresh next week!! As my ever supportive h2b keeps saying 'it will all come together on the day'!!
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