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What have I forgotten? Help!

Just joined the site today and I'm hoping some more brains can help me out. We're getting married in May (52 days to go eek!) and I'm scared I've forgotten something vital. If I list out what I've done and what is still to do, if you think of something please let me know!

Stuff that's done :-

Venue, Catering, Registrar (to come to the hotel where we're getting married), Rings, Invitations

Still on my list :-

Get the dress (I know I'm leaving it late but I'm a big girl and most shops aren't interested if you're not a size 10 and can spend thousands), Shoes, Tiara, etc., Bouquet, Table decorations for the venue

We've decided against a photographer, instead all the guests will be invited to take photos and we will choose some for our album.

My mind has gone blank now, I can't even think of what else I have done! I need help! LOL


  • emmadavies1emmadavies1 Posts: 128
    Things I can think of, the cake, do you need cars to get to the venue, favours if your having them, things like name cards for the tables and menus if you need them, bridesmaids stuff, bestman and ushers ummm my mind is blank now....
  • emmadavies1emmadavies1 Posts: 128
    Also meant to say have a look at the checklist and planner sections of this site as they should help - good luck!
  • demonisedemonise Posts: 4
    Thanks Emma! My mum is making the cake and my brother is decorating it (he's a professional which is lucky for me), i'm staying in the hotel the night before and H2B is driving down in the morning with the best man, everyone else is coming in their own cars. I'm not doing place settings as everyone knows each other so that won't be a problem, menus are being personalised by the hotel for free. Not having bridesmaids, H2B is sorting out the best man (that's his job!). Keep the ideas coming please! Thanks x
  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    Have you thought about a gift list? that is a fun bit. Are you having any readings during the ceremony? Music during the ceremony? Evening entertainment? Drinks (or is that included in caterer). Hair and make up or are you doing it yourself. Don't know what else off the top of my head! 50 days will be PLENTY and I'm sure you've got all the important bits - lucky you with your brother doing the cake - I tried to persuade my mum but she didn't want the pressure!! I've only got 16 days and the excitment has REALLY set in!
  • demonisedemonise Posts: 4
    Thanks Charli! My sister is doing a reading but she's still choosing one but the registrar said I still have a few weeks before she needs it. As our wedding is going to be relatively small we decided against a gift list and said guest were welcome to buy whatever they wanted or could give us Debenham vouchers or cash. My sister is doing my hair and make up (she used to be a hairdresser eons ago). I know I'm quite lucky having professionals in my family which are saving me a fortune! Good luck on your big day Charli, just two weeks to go! Where you going on honeymoon?
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