Music at ceremony???

Help! I've been reading all the posts on here and i realised i haven't even started thinking about music for our church ceremony yet! I know there is something as you walk in (am i right in thinking this would be the organist? Or can you choose something to be played of your own?) then there's the leaving the church when i know there's music - again, organist or our own?? But is there music during the ceremony? I've only ever been to one church wedding and they had some music played while the nipped off to sign the register. Is this the norm? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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    Pachvel's cannon in D major is just beautiful. Perfect for before the ceremony! I''m having that for sure! x
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    It all depends on the type of service. Often for a church wedding there is the music when you enter the church, a welcoming hymn, music when you sign the register, a final hymn and the exit music. However, you can have as much or as little as you wish. I suggest you get the organist's details from the vicar/priest and ask their advice.

    I'm thinking of having Stanley's Trumpet Voluntary - he's written a few - this one has a stately start perfect for coming down the aisle and then has a fugue as a second part which should work for leaving the church. It's your wedding so you have what you want.
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    I wanted Bach's Sheep may safely graze to exit to, but read somewhere that its not allowed for civil ceremonies? I want Vivaldi's Danza Pastoral from 'Spring' to come in to, my mum loved Vivaldi's 4 seasons so she would have liked that! Am torn between Handel's Arrival of the Queen of Sheba and Mozart's Overture to "The Marriage of Figaro" to come out to. Were having a string quartet for the whole of the afternoon, to play me in, during the signing of the register, play us out and then as background music during the photos as no one will be able to go outside and roam about too much in November so will need something to kep them vaguely interested!
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    If youre unsure as to what music you like/want have a trip along to a charity shop and pick up a few cheap classical cd's. I picked up lots of those cheapy ones that come inside the weekend newspapers and had an afternoon or two listening to them all and narrowing down what I liked and what I really hated! I instantly knew I really didnt want Wagners Bridal Chorus as it sounds like a funeral dirge! (Apologies to anyone who does like it!)
  • we are having Canon in D Major by Pachebal as well, I think it is a beautiful tune and very gentle. I agree about Wagner it is far to heavy for my liking although I am sure in a large church it might create quite a dramatic atmosphere.
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    We will have Pachabel's Cannon played while people are waiting ofr me, which is a shame as I love it but for some reason it makes me cry so not a safe one for coming in to!! And want something a bit jolly for leaving.
  • I think I have decided on Pachebel's Canon in D to come in to and Elgar's Salut D'Amour for the signing of the register. Not quite decided on exit music, might just go for the traditional Wedding March, and as for music for before the ceremony, well I've told h2b that it's his responsibility to choose cos I'll not need to hear it!

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  • Thank you very much for your advice - i think i'd really like a scottish piper so i might look into that for entering or leaving or both. When we go off to sign the register i might find out from out vicar if we can have something charty and up to date - but still romantic. Thanks again ladies!
  • canon in d definately! spine tingling! I personlly would have had that to walk down the aisle, but being Welsh I have my heart set on a male voice choir at the church and didn't want the ceremony to turn into a bit of a fiasco with too many 'acts'! Good luck x
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