Gift voucher poems for invites

Hi girls,

I need to send my invitations out next week but we'd like to ask for vouchers for Debenhams and Next instead of money! (i'd much rather money but H2B says we might as well ask for people to pay the money directly into our accounts to pay the mortgage!!) So at least with vouchers they know what we will be spending their money on if you what i mean, cant say i totally agree but suppose it keeps him happy!!

Soooo, i wondered if anyone had a poem like the cash ones, but that asks for vouchers for particular shops or something?

I'm really stressing about it, but if we dont ask for anything (like we originally going to do) then we'll end up with 50 toasters and 200 kettles or something!! haha.. we already have a home with eberything in it so really struggled with a gift list..

Any help would be much appreciated!!

x x


  • I'm no poet but how about something like this:

    We can't wait to see you

    Please come out to play

    We're so full of hope and joy

    That you can share our special day

    With true love to celebrate

    We shall want for nothing more

    All that's required is your time to spend

    To make our little hearts soar

    If you should choose to bring a gift

    Remember it's just you that we need

    But a token from Debenhams or Next

    Would be the kindest thought indeed

    Any good?

  • I've seen many of you asking questions on what to say about gifts, cash, vouchers, etc.  

    I personally don't like asking for anything let alone money but this is what I wrote and you are welcome to use it as well if you "WISH". 

    Our Household together is not brand new,

    We already have twice the things we need for two.

    And since we have our share of dishes and bedding,

    We’ve decided to have instead a


    Gifts are not expected, but if you’d like to

    Partake in giving a gift, we will have a

    Wishing Well Card Box right next to the Cake.

    The choice is really up to you, but please know

    that most importantly, we would like to say…

    That the best GIFT we could ever receive is

    having you here on our special day!

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