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Hi, just out of curiousity, what wedding rings are you having? I've been looking at some but finding it hard to decide on colour and shape. Think we're going for yellow gold but white gold looks nice. I do want a diamond or two (or three!) on mine and h2b wants his plain no matter what the metal. How soon before the wedding are you buying your rings? Just being nosy really image xx


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    Well we had to have my engagement ring individually designed and made as I know I wanted a platinum band with just a sapphire and NOWHERE did that. So when we had the engagement ring made the designer gave us a suggested design for a wedding band that would fit snug against my engagement ring and complement it. Like your h2b mine just wanted a plain band with flattened tops and sides rather than rounded again to completment my rings. So my wedding band is very plain but it has a notch cut out either side to give it some shape and so it sits right up next to my engagement ring. (just read that back and it sounds horrible but it isn't just v hard to describe! If only I could put a photo on). Anyway all are made of platinum. We were going to order the one to be made in January so it was definitely done by April but then the designer contacted us and said that he was moving to the Carribean in January so any work had to be done by December. We could probably have taken the designs to someone else but we were really impressed with the work he had done one my engagement ring so we ended up getting our rings back in November - made by him!
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    I'm having mine made too. White gold. My engagement ring is unsual shape but found a design for wedding ring wwhich I really like and think will fit next to it. Sort of a plain band with a twist in the metal at the front. Also thought about a knot effect signifying "tying the knot"!
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    They both sound really nice. We found a place near where we live that made them to your own individual design so that might be the best option as I'm so picky! Quite liked white gold and platinum but apparently you should have the same as your engagement ring so one doesn't wear down the other so it'll have 18ct yellow gold on at least one side to match. No sparkles Cheryl??!! xx

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  • Does it matter that the bride and groom have different metals for their wedding rings? I am very traditional and have a 18ct gold enagement ring nd wanted a really plain, rounded 18ct gold band, whereas my H2B doesn't like jewellry on men and the only band he would entertain would be a plain titanium ring - do you think this matters that we would not have tha same band?

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    Hi Hunnybunny I don't think it matters that metals are different especially if your H2B will only wear titanium and it matters so much that you want him to wear one. I really like titanium but so little womens jewellry in it. Its almost a bit industrial looking in most cases. Hiya Jules! No sparkles in my wedding band but only as I've found a ring shape I like without them. However received a booklet from a company in York this week with loads of lovely sparkly rings in and unusual styles. Mixtures of golds in one ring and one lovely one which was a white gold then some effect put on it that makes it looks like tiger stripes. May have to take a trip to York!
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    We went to try wedding bands on on Friday. H2B would only put one on his right hand, saying he wants to wait for the day to put one on his left hand for real.. aahh, how sweet! Those of you who've had wedding rings with cut-outs, do you know anywhere where I can see pictures of ring 'sets' like that? My engagement ring has an emerald cut diamond and two brilliants and I can't quite envisage what a locked together set will look like. I tried on simple bands, but my fingers are so small that a plain band slim enough to fit underneath just doesn't look as significant as I feel it should!!! Thanks
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    Hi, Cheryl what company was it? I'm at uni in York so I could take a look whilst I'm here. I think platinum looks a bit more manly for some reason and was a bit concerned that mine is going to be 18ct gold so we wouldn't be matching but I'm qiuite liking the idea now. xx
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    We tried a few on at the weekend, I am definitely decided on an 18ct yellow gold band (engagement ring is 18ct yellow gold with a princess diamond in a platinum setting) with a white gold 'stripe' round the middle so looking at it it is yellow, white, yellow gold which will echo the two colour setting of my engagement ring. H2B says he definitely wants a 2 colour brushed finish ring, so ours will match in the 2 colour sense but not be exactly the same. Jeweller said it doesnt matter if they dont match its better to be comfortable with what you choose as you will be wearing it for the next 50 or 60 years.
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