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Hi, I've searched for the perfect stationary as I'm into making my own cards so this part is really important to me. I don't want anything too expensive and nothing which has the hand crafted look as then I might as well make it myself which I don't really want to do (though at this rate I might end up doing that). Does anyone know of any good sites I could look through? I would like a lilac and white, hearts theme or something witha scalloped edge. xx


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    Have a look in the back of your wedding magazines... there are loads of advertisments for stationary, although the ones I've seen are handmade which is the inspiration I'm after as I'm making my own
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    Hi Jules, check this website out..

    Looks like they have a sale on.. what do you think?
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    Sorry for late reply. Thank you very much for the site Becky I do really really like them! And they're in the sale! What more could a girl want?? Going to get h2b to take a look. Thanks again. If not I may end up making my own as I'm being so fussy. Might be the best way. I was just being lazy!Let you both know what I decide in the end xx
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    Just had a better look and there are lots on the site that I like! Quite hard to see detail though as they don't have enlarged pictures like some sites. I'll wait until h2b has eaten before I ask him about invites. Not really a groom thinh I think!
  • Check out,Thats where ive just got mine (ribbons in lilac).some lovely stationary for everyone,not a bad price either.
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