Has organising the wedding taken over your life??

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Hi everyone, i got engaged only a month or so ago, yet feel totally overwhelmed with suddenly having so much to organise! I hadn't realised how quickly things get booked up, and every weekend for the past month we have been going back to our parents homes and looking at venues etc etc - however my whole mind seems to be taken over with just about anything to do with a wedding! Already thinking of flowers, bands ( anyone know a good one?)etc.Please don't say i am the only one out there feeling like this??H2b seems to find my madness quite endearing luckily and is trying hard to keep me only thinking of the relevant stuff for now! We are getting married sept 2007.( all being well!)


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    You're not the only one at all. I've found it helpful to set out what needs to be done when, so that I can concentrate on the right thing at the right time! The bits that are less time crucial, like wedding bands, attendants gifts, etc, I've slotted into the months that have less to do! Also remember that early on you need to get suppliers booked for sure, but you don't have to decide exactly what you are having (for flowers etc) til much nearer the time. HTH Helen.
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    We have all been there Nicola unless we have wedding planners but then hey, I'd worry if I had one of those. I had a couple of months where I slept poorly and had nightmares but generally calmed down now. I think my biggest worry was getting a venue and my dress. Other things can be done at leisure
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    I'm the total opposite nicola I'm getting married on Sat 24th June and at christmas only the church and reception were booked! Everyone kept telling my to get a move on but im just too laid back everything booked now tho so im really looking forward to it. good luck x
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    I was just like you Nicola! We just went to loads of wedding fairs in the area we lived, it really helped as everything you need for a wedding is all under the same roof!! We found our wedding cake, suits and disco from just one wedding fair. Have a look in local papers for the next one in your area and this time of year is the best time to go as there are loads around!

    Good luck. xx
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    I wouldn't worry! I've been falling asleep thinking about weddings (reading YYW on my laptop curled in up bed doesnt help!!) dreaming about weddings and then at 6am waking up thinking about flowers and tiaras! Haven't done it for the last few days and I'm glad cos it really does start to burn you out.

    Wedding fayres are good and as per what the others have said, book your main suppliers asap - photo's, venue. catering if you need one, cars and flowers etc etc relax for abit if you can and then start to fine tune everything.

    You will be ok and it does become fun image xx
  • Have you looked at the YAYW My checklist section. I found this really helped me decifer was was important to get booked straight away and what could wait a while. I wouldn't let it worry you too much though. I got engaged last Sept and we decided on this September for the wedding I managed to get everything organised pretty well in the first couple of months and then found we had a lovely lull where I could just sit back and look at all the things I had already done and not have to worry to much about anything. Now of course the time is coming around and I am checking the checklist almost everyday and diarying things so I don't have them all rattling around in my head. It will work out for the best for you I promise and I am sure all the other girls would agree x
  • Hi Nicola! Much the same as what the other girls have said, there seems like an awful lot to do when you first get engaged and it can be quite daunting. But the main thing is to book the big things first as they almost always need to be done plenty of time in advance to avoid the disappointment of things being booked up (especially at popular times of the year). Once those things are done (venue, florist, photographer, cars (if you need them), evening entertainment etc...) you can sit back and enjoy creating an unhealthy addiction to wedding magazines (like I have!) just getting ideas for the fine tuning part! I found that the first three months after I got engaged were a bit manic and then I had a good couple of months where I did nothing at all until I started dress shopping about 8 months before the big day. I've now got just over 6 months to go and will soon start arranging second meetings with some of the suppliers and doing the other fun parts like looking for shoes, jewellery, underwear and organising my hen night! Don't worry if it all seems scary - it does all come together in the end and the main thing is to enjoy every minute of it. I was bridesmaid for my sister-in-law last year and she advised me to enjoy the planning as much as the the day itself, because like Christmas and birthdays, it's over in a flash, but the months of planning will also be a wonderful memory to look back on if you relax and enjoy yourself. Luckily my h2b also finds my wedding excitement endearing too and positively encourages me to indulge my magazine habit! His opinion is that you (hopefully!) only get to plan your wedding once so you should have fun in the process and not hold back from enjoying it! Good luck and have fun!!! image
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    Thank you thank you thank you, feel like normal human being again!!Will heed all good advice and take it all in my stride - never thought i'd find a chat room so helpful - so that's just something else to add to the list of positive things for my wedding experience! image
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    Thank you thank you thank you, feel like normal human being again!!Will heed all good advice and take it all in my stride - never thought i'd find a chat room so helpful - so that's just something else to add to the list of positive things for my wedding experience! image

    Its ok and not a problem image but I just wish someone was around when we got engaged to explain to me what we have explained to you! And I wish YYW existed as well!!!
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