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We're planning on making our own order of service's, but havent got a clue where to start. What hymns are people having, if any?... i havent been to church since i was a child, so i wouldnt have a clue on what hymns to pick!


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    We've not made a final decision, but I think the hymns we're going for are

    Thine be the Glory

    Love Divine


    From what I've seen, people either go for what they know themselves or ones that they can remember from childhood, or listen to a few and pick from those. It's an ideal question to ask your vicar, as he may give you a steer, or lend you a copy of the church's hymn book. He, or an older relative or member of the church choir (if you are using one) will also be able to advise you which hymns are well know. It's much better to go for something that your family and friends might know, than find everyone muttering along on the day!!
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    Jerusalam is very rousing and everyone knows it following the cricket last year! Why not ask say your parents and grandparents to choose one each. I recommend getting the choir in if you want to create an impact as most people these days do not know hymms unless they are regular church goers or are popular hyms. My other recommendations are Lord of the Dance which is a very happy song - reminds me of my childhood but I then thought it was Lord of the Dance Settee and used to have visions of God bouncing on the sofa! All Things Bright & Baeutiful is also know by most and very a happy song.
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    hi there we are thinking of having lord of all hopefulness, hes got the whole world in his hands because we both know it from school and morning has broken but there is a wedding version so the words are differnt. we are definitely having the choir who sound really good and they are going to be singing o perfect love and love divine all loves excelling while we sign the register. some good advice we were given from the choir is to pick something that you like the sound of and is easy to sing!!
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    I love the idea of God bouncing up and down on the sofa - wonderful! I was in a church choir and have a note in my hymn book - it's not our gaw drains. Great minds and all that! I suggest having hymns at the beginning and end that everyone knows, with possibly something sung by the choir when you're signing the register eg Ave Maria, Panis Angelicus etc Have a word with the organist or choir mistress - they're ever so helpful and the organist will play the tune for you.
  • Hi there - do you not think that you really should be church goer's to have a wedding in a church? When it comes to song's we know which ones we want as they are ones we often sing them - and you won't find many of them as possible options when you seak toa priet or vicar. They probably have a standard list, whcih they can roll out to those who have no idea.
  • Hi - We've made our own OOS as well. In fact we've made all our own stationery and everything will have a unique 'logo' that we've designed just for our wedding. We are both regular church goers, and so we've picked songs that we enjoy singing in church - none of them were ones that the priest would of recommended as 'standard' wsedding songs, but it shows we know what we want! At the end of the day go for songs that brong good memories of school life - it's where we all lernt these songs originally
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