table centrepieces for chrimbo wedding!

I'm getting married in December this year and we're having our meal at 4pm. I had visions of my centrepieces being something 'candley', i.e. having the rooms strictly lit by candles as at this time of day it will just be getting dark. However, my hotel does not have candelabras (oops! spelling!) that I like. Does anyone know of a firm (pref in Wales or on net) that hire out candleabras? Failing that, anyone got any ideas for table centre pieces for a Christmas wedding?image

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  • How about having thick church candles surrounded by holly and berries - what is your colour/bouquet scheme. You could have really lovely deep reds and greens.
  • LYNNIukLYNNIuk Posts: 1,046 they hold candle parties basically, but if you find a consultant in your area she might be able to help you hire out candles and candle decs... we have one here on the IOM who I have been speaking to about table centre pieces
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    cant say id ever put partylite and hire in the same sentence EVER, my mum and sister were both consultants and the woman they learnt from was very mean and would of made you buy them!! and partylite is expensive but worth it in my opinion as it is pure parafin wax none of that cheap stuff that leaves black marks. oops going into a sales pitch there hehe sorry, have you tried maybe ikea for big bowls and maybe floating candles instead??
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    I really don't want to put a dampner on your plans, but check with the hotel that they would allow a fully candlelit meal. We had exactly the same idea but are not going to be able do it as there are health and safety issues. It takes an awful lot of candles to be able to see well. The catering manager at our venue also pointed out the difficulty for the staff of serving when it is so dark. We might compromise on low level lights and some candelabras and small votive candles on the tables. Remember also that people can't see how fab you look in the dark!!!
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    Hi blondepixi, our wedding is in december too, the 23rd to be exact (also my birthday!!). we are having chucky glass vases filled with decorative twigs sprayed bronze and silver (our colour scheme), and are having little white fairy lights intertwined in them (you can get battery powered lights quite cheap online i think). we will be sitting down for our meal at around 4pm and like you, i wanted that wow factor as everyone walks into the room, im hoping all the lights will create a winter wonderland!*!*!* good luck x
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