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18 carat or 9 carat?help please?

Hey,hopefully some of you can give me some advice

I found the perfect ring ,the only problem is that it's 18carat gold and my engagement ring is 9 carat gold so the engagement ring would wear away at the wedding band if I got the 18 carat ring.

I'm not sure whether to get a 9 carat gold ring that I don't like as much and may possibly not be as durable or maybe get the 18 carat ring which won't be the same as my engagement ring. Would wearing 1 on each hand be too stupid?



  • MrsNick2BMrsNick2B Posts: 99
    Hi, just a suggestion but my other half works for a high street jeweller and he has said that they do not keep any 9ct wedding bands in stock but if the customer sees an 18ct band they like they will have it made at the suppliers for them. Also if you could get a picture of the design there are several companies that can make bespoke wedding rings to your 'own' design. Hope that is of some help.
  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    I would go 9ct as it is tougher metal, 18ct is purer gold but much softer and you'l notice little chips after a while, i have a 18ct white gold engagement ring and im gutted about the little scratches, im going to have 9ct wedding ring
  • I have an 18 carat engagement ring and was going to get a 9 carat wedding band, the colours are slightly off and i was also wondering about the wear of them together as I have been told not to mix them... but have seen online its ok. Is it really ok to mix the 18 carat with a 9 carat.
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