These are gorgeous!!!

LYNNIukLYNNIuk Posts: 1,046

As anyone seen this designer before? Just came across him on Google... But I have to say those ring cushions are to die for image Is anyone else having a ring cushion and if so whats it like? Can you have one in a Registry office cermony or is it just churches?


  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,072
    They are really pretty. My future mother in law has offered to make ours as shes making her other son's but has admitted she's not sure what they look like! Might show her that website. I hadn't ever wanted one to be honest but there you go ! xx
  • hlittlehlittle Posts: 445
    I love it but I know H2B will go mad if try to put hearts on anything!! I think I'm going to ask a friend to make one too, as a way to ask her to be involved.
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