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Hi Brides 2 Be,

I am thinking about setting up a wedding website with, it is free and looks like a good idea.

I was wondering if anyone else is using it or have made a website with them. Would anyone mind me taking a look at their website for inspiration.

Thanks x x x


  • batgirl21ukbatgirl21uk Posts: 158
    we used this and I loved it.

    the best bit is now after the wedding guests from all around the country are posting their photos which we may not have seen otherwise.

    have a look if you want
  • MrsRelf2BMrsRelf2B Posts: 101

    Your site looks fab, I am trying to get some ideas together to start mine. I dont get married until September 2011 so got a bit of time to get it sorted.

    Thanks again for letting me take a peek!! image
  • MrsRelf2BMrsRelf2B Posts: 101
  • Hannah1203Hannah1203 Posts: 175
    We're using it too and it's brilliant. The majority of my relatives live at the opposite end of the country to us and it's a brilliant way to kep everyone updated.

    Plus after the big day everyone can upload their pics on to the site and you get to keep them all!
  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    We used this too.

  • MrsRelf2BMrsRelf2B Posts: 101
    Thank Girlies,

    All of your posts are really helpful, I am going to have a go at setting mine up soon. I have a little while to go but want to get started.

    If anyone else has a site i can take a look at it all helps.

    x x x
  • emms33emms33 Posts: 622
    Hi, yes and I love it!

    It's so useful and I can't wait for all the guests to have a look, all my friends and most of my family have access to the internet so it's just been brill for us and so easy to set up. The fact that it's free to is a bonus!

    Here's ours (still in progress!)
  • emms33emms33 Posts: 622
    Wow batgirl21, so glad to see people used the photo upload page! I was wondering if people really would, great! Looks like a wonderful day, congratulations! X
  • 12016961201696 Posts: 286
    We are using it as well. Love the functionality and our guests have enjoyed looking around it as well. If you want a look:-

  • JoodlebugJoodlebug Posts: 24

    I too am in the process of putting together a wedding websiter using Can anyone please let me know how you get rid of the gift list. We're not having a gift list, and on the page, there is still the box, with the gift description..can anyone please let me know how to get rod of this!

  • 12016961201696 Posts: 286
    Hi Joodlebug

    We don't have a gift list either, I just checked our page and I'm guessing (but I did this a while ago) that I altered all the wording and deleted anything relating to a list then wrote in the new description. It may be worth dropping Getting Married a line if you are still having problems, as they responded really quickly to the couple of queries I sent them.

  • Have you seen the websites that "weregettingmarried" create , they are not free but the quality is way better and functionality is awesome

  • abiscottabiscott Posts: 79 New bride
    I know this is an old thread.... but I've just been making our website on gettingmarried, I think it's brilliant, with great functionality and it's letting me add all my own photos and extra sections etc.... so my question is how is the site making money?????

    (I've just read this back and I sound like I'm promoting it :).  I'm genuinely not, I'm just curious!)
  • We've used and we loved it, although some guests don't really visit it, we included in our invites that in order to book the hotels with the special rates, they needed to check the website. This is ours:

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