My poem for late RSVP's

I couldnt face ringing around every single person that hadn't RSVP'd by the date they should have so i wrote this and sent it in the post to them. I got a reply from every single guest within 3 days of them receiving it. Hopefully it will help other B2Bs.............

'I understand things are busy and i hope that you dont mind,

Me sending this short poem to hopefully remind,

Our wedding is fast approaching as im sure you are aware,

To make our day extra special we would love to you there,

No presents are needed, just a smiling face,

If you could let us know please, as there is no time to waste,

Drop us a text or email or pop something in the post,

Its the wedding of the year, with us as the host!!!'....................

I also included every contact detail they could possibly need, Mobile number, landline, email addy etc. I also said that if we hadn't heard from them by a certan date we would have to pressume they couldnt make it. Every guest said they loved it! :\)

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  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    that is such a good idea, you're very clever!
  • LYNNIukLYNNIuk Posts: 1,046
    Thats brilliant.... I've stolen it if you don't mind to do something similar
  • ArmstrongukArmstronguk Posts: 639
    Love it

    stolen it to image

    annoying thing is the people who haven't replied are the ones we have been uncertain about from the start

    there is just no etiquette anymore which is annoying when we cannot finalise our numbers.
  • LOL i dont mind at all. That has been one of my biggest stresses about planning the wedding. Until people let you know if they are coming or not things like the table plan, place names etc cant be done. It holds so much up!
  • CassieandraukCassieandrauk Posts: 271
    Great idea pinkprincess! I will be pinching it....image

    We have a problem in that at least 3 couples are heavily pregnant so we might not know until the very last minute....not much we can do really though
  • flynns_mummyflynns_mummy Posts: 1,631
    I'll also be 'liberating' it and circulating it around my guests - you should get it copyrighted - you could make a fortune pinkprincess xx
  • petite_bridepetite_bride Posts: 110
    Lol i like the poem - trouble is, i tend to be more like "Oh for god's sake, just flipping well reply can't you - it's not difficult, you've got way more time than we have COZ WE'RE PLANNING A WEDDING IN CASE U'VE FORGOTTEN, U UNGRATEFUL PEOPLE!!!" lol!! Maybe that's just the stressful side of me coming out now!! heehee!
  • leafyukleafyuk Posts: 2,182
    Sheer brilliance! Thank you for sharing! xx
  • Joanna72ukJoanna72uk Posts: 380
    yay another fantabulous idea for me to steal lol!! i love this forum it is full of fab ideas i hadnt even thought of, we havent sent our invitations out yet we are getting married in Oct 07, but we defiantly be thinking about including a reply date...
  • steph22uksteph22uk Posts: 245
    wow, thanks for posting that, I will be steeling it if thats ok, so many of my family and friends are so forgetful or lazy!!image
  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    very good! a great idea! I already have my RSVP's back so won't be stealing it - but would've done otherwise image
  • SusanJaneSusanJane Posts: 117
    My reply date is June 7th but I will be using it for any rude people! Roughly what percentage of people don't reply?
  • Thank you, that is fab! I will pinch it too and change a bit around so as not to copy completely. Surprisingly, we have more replies from friends than family at the moment...I am assuming that they think we know they will be coming, but we haven't got a crystal ball, and it would be nice for them to send back a litle card.

    x cb x
  • Thanks for sharing - that's a great idea. I must admit I wasn't looking forward to ringing round those that hadn't yet gotten round to RSVPing.
  • k8hatk8hat Posts: 820
    Fab idea, our wedding isnt until Aug 08 but I have copied,pasted and saved it in my wedding file just in case xx
  • loolah1loolah1 Posts: 396
    I'm well known for saying it like it is.... therefore in my invitations I am putting a cut off date and something to say if I haven't heard by that date they won't be on our guest list anymore!!!... haha tough isn't it... It's not like they won't have 12 weeks to decide for gods sake!
  • h7_cjsyahoocoukh7_cjsyahoocouk Posts: 1,378
    Thanks for that Pink Princess - Its fabulous!!

    My wedding is ages off (494 days, or so it says up top!) but its in the file!

    Much appreciated, H xx
  • reetsmorganreetsmorgan Posts: 514
    Hi ladies, big thanks to this site & Pinkprincess who spurred me on to having a Shakespearian moment. I found my self in a similar position, with people not replying, So on a typical rainy bank holiday I put pen to paper and this is what I came up with

    To our wedding you've been invited, to have you as our guest we'd be delighted

    As we fast approach the reply date, to leave you out is something we'd hate.

    Please don't take offence were not being rude, but the caterers need numbers to prepare the food.

    We know everyones busy with lots of running around, but from you dear guest we've not heard a sound.

    So if into the post a card you should pop, to let us know if you're coming or not.

    Call me Wilamina Shakespear image

    I sent this as a text message and manage to get 3 replies, hopefully the rest should get themselves down to the card shop, followed by a trip to the post office. I expect the post man to be staggering under the weight of all thoes RSVP's. image image

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