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String quartet/Trio prices?


I would love to have a string quartet play during the ceremony but at the moment its looking a little expensive. I've only had a quick look and it seems to be around £500. Has anyone else found it cheaper or is this about right?


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  • HummoHummo Posts: 2,115
    Where abouts are you getting married? Im getting married over in Ireland, and am being quoted around 1000euros (850ish quid) mark for the quartet to play during the ceremony then for 2 hrs after at the drinks reception.

    People have said in the post that I put up in general chat on the same subject (if you want to have a look) that the average prices over here are about 300-500 quid.

  • We are in Berkshire. £300 sounds a lot more reasonable. I will take a look at your thread too thank you.

  • NavyNezNavyNez Posts: 370
    I think it's reasonable to pay £400 for a string quartet - £100 per player. £100 for 3 hours works isn't bad!
  • TheWifeTheWife Posts: 188
    Contact your local university's music department. I'm sure there'll be some music students there who'd happily do it for a very reasonable price.
  • We have been quoted £500, that is to play for guests arriving, during the ceremony and afterwards at the drinks reception.
  • When I was looking it seemed to be around £600.

    However we have booked a lady who plays electric violin instead now. She's AMAZING! And very different. We are having her play as guests arrive at the ceremony, as I come down the aisle, signing the register, as we Ho back up the aisle and for 2 hours in the gardens for drinks reception and that's cost us £690.
  • proxy10proxy10 Posts: 188
    Why not try the suggestion of StueysGirl? It is a nice idea.
  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    we enquired to 4 string quartets in the north west - prices varied but were around £450-600
  • are quite good, I've known people that have used them before, just phone them up and ask for a quote, plus you can listen to all of their bands on the website image
  • I enquired about one in Devon, they were £625, excluding mileage.

    We've gone for a harpist in the end, actually we found a lady who had recorded a harp album in the room we will have our ceremony in! Coincidence! She is also playing during the drinks reception and is £300. She'll be there for about 4 hours overall, but only playing for 3 as she will get a break when we go to the church for our blessing.
  • Thanks for all your replies, I will try looking at the local colleges etc but realistically I'm thinking we may not be able to afford it going off the quotes I've recieved image
  • We are having the Nero String Quartet, because I love the fact they do loads of modern songs as well as the classical ones. I'm walking down the aisle to the Canon. Just divine!
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