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Accommodation - false advertising???

niclou79niclou79 Posts: 1,142
Hi Ladies

The hotel we're getting married in is really quite expensive to stay in - £230 per room, per night, bed and breakfast, for a standard room. We've told our guests to stay in cheaper B&Bs nearby, but a lot have still booked in the hotel saying it will be a lovely treat.

When we first looked round, they only showed us the bridal suite, four-poster, lake-view, stunning. We had a look at the other rooms recently however, to check for cot-space etc., and although they are nice enough, no way can they justify the price they are charging.

Then they changed the website pictures showing refurbished rooms, which are stunning. I asked the hotel why they showed us the old rooms, they couldn't give us an answer other than it's the superior rooms which have been refurbished. Not the one they showed us, which our friends are staying in.

But why have they put my guests in the old rooms for the same price?! My guests are looking at the pictures on the website, thinking 'wow', then they'll arrive and be put in the old rooms. I'll be so embarrassed. There is no mention on the website anywhere of which rooms are refurbished, so I think this is false advertising - am I right? What can I do?


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Tricky one when is the wedding and will the other rooms be refurbished? HAve you asked the venue if they do a preferential rate for wedding guests?
  • niclou79niclou79 Posts: 1,142
    I rang reception and pretended to be an ex-guest, asking how many were refurbished. She told me that a mix of standard and superior rooms had been done, and 3 or 4 a year are being done.

    Our wedding planner told us it was only superior lake-view that were done, an outright lie, and she only showed us round the old rooms.

    The best deal they'll do us is keeping 2010 rates. It's this April.
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    You could always send the hotel a message asking for priority on the refurbed rooms. This will go to reception rather than the wedding planner, though strange they lied
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