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Does the RSVP have to go to my parents?

Hi ladies,

I am now starting to put invites together ready to send out early next year, and am stuck on this!

We are having the traditional invites, in that the invite will be from my parents, but i wondered if there is a hatrd an fast rule that the actual RSVP has to go to them. It would be much more convenient for them to come to us, but would it look odd saying from Mr & Mrs XXX with an rsvp to us???




  • mlturnermlturner Posts: 256
    Hi, we are doing the same! our invites are hand written "mr and Mrs X request the pleasure of the company of A & B to the marriage of their daughter Lala to Mr Man Human at a place on a day at this time ... then at bottom put our address "lala and Man, 1 The Street etc" so they know the rsvps are to us not mum and dad. We've done it for convenience but also cos I think it'll be exciting to start receiving cards and well wishes and then can get on with table plan!!! xx
  • LanneyukLanneyuk Posts: 179
    our invites were from my parents but the rsvp came to us - I didn't even think about it really but my parents live abroad so having rsvp's go to them was not an option. We put RSVPs and envelops for them in with our envelops and I addressed all the envelops to us just to make it easier for guests.

    It was really exciting getting them back through the post each day
  • Yes thats what i so glad that others have done it too....thats my mind made up then. It will be really exciting to start recieving them back!

    Thank you ladies! xx
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