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Me and my fiance are getting married next year but we're not really sure what to do. We tend to keep ourselves to ourselves a lot and so at the ceremony only want to invite 20/25 people. I'd quite like to marry in a church but think it would look really naff with so few people. Only problem with a registry office though is it's in the middle of town and I'd feel like a right tit wearing my wedding dress there.

Has anyone had a small wedding like this and what did you do for the ceremony? Am I just worrying too much about the registry office being in town? My mum and dad got married there but I don't think the town was that busy back then.



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    We have 30 people during the day and we're getting married in a restaurant image

    Ceremony room:

    and a huge reception hall upstairs.
  • Ooh that looks nice image

    I do think we want to use the registry office but I've NEVER seen anyone go in or out so think it would be strange being in town centre all dressed up. Although perhaps there's a back entrance.

    Perhaps other people on here have had experience of either?
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    I live in Edinburgh and drive past a registry office a lot. There's always a wedding party getting their photos image I think it looks pretty great.. most people have the common decency to give the place a wide berth when the wedding party's outside anyway.
  • The venue I have decided on (Fingask castle) has a very small private chapel. I think a lot of castles/country houses have similar. Have you considered something like this?

    With the registry office, lots of people go in with their wedding garb! I think I would love walking through the town and getting all that attention. image
  • Thanks girls image

    Sarah - that sounds like a really nice idea. Is it expensive though?
  • It depends on the venue cost really. Some castles etc will let you just have the ceremony and drinks reception for a much smaller fee then they charge all day.

    Fingask near Dundee has a chapel for up to 16 people, and charges £500 to £3000 depending on day of week, and time of year. This is for venue hire / wedding co-ordinator etc, and any catering and drinks is on top of this. However, it is for the exclusive use of the castle and grounds for the whole day.

    If you say where you're based, maybe someone can recommend something along those lines. The are also lots of very pretty small churches and town halls all over the country if you are wanting to "fill" somewhere.

    We only have about 30 people on our guest list so we've been thinking about stuff like what to do in the evening etc.
  • there's lots of small places do civil ceremonies these days, do you really need to do it at the registry office?

    go on your local council website and there will be a list of approved wedding venues
  • I was concerned about our guest numbers (now increased) in the church as originally we were planning on having about 10 guests but when I spoke to the priest he was very supportive and thought it wouldn't be a problem at all. He made suggestions how the service could be run for smaller numbers and ways to seat the guests. We came away feeling very positive. If a religious ceremony is important to you both I suggest you have a chat with the church leader.
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    Ours is going to be very small, under 40. It may even be under 30 as more people are dropping out. We are having ours at the regiestra office in Derby, then on to a small hotel in Donnington, its just going to be a small laid back day. Cosy and intimate with it being small, thats what people say isnt it. image x
  • We are having 40 at the ceremony, and 100 at the reception. Its YOUR wedding, do what you want image x
  • Thanks everyone image

    I think what we'll do is have a chat with the vicar and see if he can suggest anything and if not then we'll go with registry office although we'll need to have a chat because like I said, i've never seen a wedding party going in or out. No major rush as we're not getting married until next summer / sept but obv venues do fill up quickly.

    Out of interest, what are you doing for bridesmaids / pageboys. I definitely want our little boy as a pageboy but think thats it. Im sure when we tell people we'll get stick for it but hey, its OUR day not theirs image
  • I don't see why people would give you stick for not having bridesmaids? It's not really that important and if you don't have anyone special that you want to ask then there is no point doing it for the sake of it.

    I've got 4 bridesmaids & one pageboy and that was me trying really hard to cut it back but I am rather close to my girlies!
  • I'm having a small-ish wedding of about 50. We're going to the registry office and then onto a country pub for a buffet and drinks. I'm not having bridesmaids at my wedding. Instead I've just tried to involve my sister (who would've been one) a bit more, so she's making the cakes and I've shown her my inivitations that I've made but no-one else. She's told me she's quite happy with that! We're not having speeches either as we just want it to be very very informal. It's entirely up to you what you have - it's your big day x
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