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Ive just seen on another site someone saying that she has to feed her photographer. I hadnt even thought of this!Whats the normal thing to do/what do they expect as I dont have room at the table!


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    I think it depends how long you have them for on the day. Mine is all day and I asked them if they wanted to join us for dinner but they said they only want some light refreshments so don't worry I doubt they are expecting it, I'm sure wedding photographers don't expect it. I only thought to ask after reading on an American forum that someone fed their photographer otherwise it probably wouldn't of occurred to me either! X
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  • We have asked our venue to provide a meal as our photographer will be with us all day. They are only charging us £7.95 for this which I thought was pretty good! He'll be eating it in a separate room as there are no seats for him in the actual reception room. Then we have told him he can help himself to the evening buffet later in the evening xx
  • we are just having a hog roast and buffet so I would feel rude not offering
  • We are providing food for all the vendors that will be there on the day..




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    Just some nibbles in the bar, chips, sandwiches those sorts of bits, for them to have. None of them have asked to be fed, but I think it would be rude to expect them to go without anything to eat or drink all day! image
  • Our photographers left before the meal so we didn't need to feed them. I think it does depend on how long they stay for. Ask them to be sure image
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    I put our photographer on the table plan to sit with our friends. Our venue was a bit isolated (nowhere within walking distance really to go and buy a sandwich) and she was there all day. We also fed the band (two of them for main wedding breakfast as they played during that part, then the other two arrived later and all 4 of them ate from the evening buffet).

    There is always a big divide when this question is asked - as it is quite often on here! Be aware that some suppliers have it in the small print of their contract that they require a meal, and some specify what they will and won't accept i.e. some say a 'hot meal' so you can't just give them sandwiches (!)

    I would check the contract and then make doubly sure with the photographer, as I have a friend who booked a string quartet to play for an hour at her drinks reception and she didn't read the contract so she didn't see that they required a meal under the contract and didn't arrange anything and they were really arsey about it (with me, cos I intervened so she didn't have to deal with it). Fortunately the caterers were fab and said there was plenty and she served them all a hot meal without charging extra (what a star!) But do check and make sure you're not caught out!
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    This has been bugging me a bit - we're paying £1400 for our photographers and they mentioned when we met them that they won't say no to a meal/dinner but it's not in their contract. We're paying about £55 a head for dinner so an extra £110 to feed our photographers? Part of me feel like I take a packed lunch to work so why should we have to provide a full meal for them? That said they are going to be there all day - I was thinking about speaking to the venue to maybe provide the main course and a pudding instead of the full four courses but I'm completely undecided about it!
  • Our band and photographer both state in their contract that they should be given a meal - and our venue said that a main course from the menu would be provided for them at a lower cost.
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    I guess it all depends how long they are there for, but remember, you want to keep them in the best frame of mind for your own benefit. How well do you operate after six hours at work with a sandwich grabbed on the run?

    Admittedly, some take the p!ss - our tog was trying to order lattes and the like on my bill without having the courtesy to ask me! The staff were good enough to check with me first - if he'd have asked, of course he could of had a coffee, but to assume and tell them to 'charge it to the bride' was a bit rich. Needless to say he was left to sip his bottled water!

    On the practical side we asked our venue what they could do - some offer supplier meals. Ours were fed with the extras from the wedding breakfast at no extra charge. Although mr never satisfied did complain because there wasn't a dessert each!

    They then had some of the evening hog roast - but didn't put the guests first! Our tog was out of order in the way he behaved, but that said, I'd always intended on giving them a hot meal, because I didn't want a tired, ratty tog at our evening reception!

    If they're with you all day, it's probably in your own best interests to feed them - BUT it doesn't have to be the same three course meal, just something from the bar menu.
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