Delegating tasks to Bridesmaids

Hey I will be having 7 bridesmaids all together, my sis who's severlely autistic won't be doing any tasks my maid of honour will already be doing things to help, so that leaves me 5.

So I wanna include them all by giving them all little tasks but decent ones so that its not M.O.H + the others IYSWIM.

Does anyone know of any good things tasks I can give to different people? Has anyone else done this.


  • mrsroe2bmrsroe2b Posts: 131
    Planning a hen/sten night/do? DIY bits - bunting/invites/decor etc? Help with dress/decor/flower shopping??

    Or tasks on the day - speech, reading, carrying some of your stuff in a handbag, one could be in charge of making sure your hair/makeup/veil/dress stayed looking right?! One could be in charge of looking after older guests image my sister would love that job, she loves old people. Giving out cake? Paying/checking on suppliers?

    Sorry if that's not useful - i've not got to actually delegating tasks just yet lol xxx
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