Girly Pamper/Jim jam Hen Party ideas?? Please help?

Hi girls,

Really need some ideas...

My friend is having a hen do away in a hotel -but as I'm nearly 9mths

Pregnant I have decided that it would be too risky to be away from home

So close to my due date..

So I have decided to do a "jim jam" party for the 2 of us at mine

In March.

Having one child already and another on the way money is REALLY tight..

And so I'm looking for some ideas for the evening which will be a bit different

But affordable?

Please can anyone help? Was thinking scrapbooking?but have never done it..

I want something "thoughtful" to do?? But really not sure what??

Has anyone got some nice ideas? X X

Thanks in advance xxx


  • Watch your fave films, look through old photos!

    Play singstar or other games you both like!!

    eat lots of food!! image
  • make some cakes to eat! buy a cupcake kit

    games ie mr and mrs

    beauty session - face packs pedicures manicures

    old pics of you both to reminisce?
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