I've found my ring, I think.

I was trying on wedding rings today and found a beautiful set in the H Samuel sale. It was exactly what I was looking for and I fell in love. I was telling my mum and she was appalled that I was thinking of spending £625 on a wedding ring- even though, it's a set, so two rings- bargain in my eye.

I suppose this is something else that my mum doesn't get the price of. Her wedding in 1983 cost £1000 and she somehow thinks prices haven't gone up that much lol


  • I think thats a bargain, we have budgeted £1000 for both rings. Although I am slightly annoyed as Hsamuel put up the price of both our rings in Jan (we picked them in Dec and decided we would sort it out after xmas and new year, grr!) xx
  • Why do you wantr a set? Do you not have an engagement ring already? Or do you mean it is a his and hers set? If it is a his and hers set then that isn't a bad price.

    I wouldn't pay that much for my ring though. I got my wedding ring for £220. I had set a budget of £200. The H2B is yet to buy his wedding ring, but he has a £200 budget too.

    but then my wedding budget is 6k, so it depends how much your wedding budget as a whole is. As if you are spending 12k on your wedding, then £600 on two rings isn't bad.
  • You could haggle the price still, we got our rings from £700 down to £400 (both not each!) That was with an independent jeweller mind, but worth a try
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