So I went to National Wedding Fayre to day fell in love with a pair of Rachel Simpson shoes, and of course they have been discontinued and they didn't have my size left!!

So I am going to get a plain pair of Ivory satin Ballet Pumps, and add a Bow shoe clip!!

I have to wear flats, as Simon isn't much taller than me and I want to look obv shorter him so...

Here are the shoes!! image

And my options for Shoe clips are..





Can you please give me your opinion, on which one you like the most!! image


  • 3 image
  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100
    I'm probably the wrong person to comment, as I dont really like shoes with bows or flowers for that matter, but out of those I would pick 3, but most likely because it looks the simplest, which is what I would go for, but probably not what you'd want!
  • Do worry,, I don't actually like these shoes either!!

    I really dislike flat shoes.. but I can't wear heels for the shoes I want for the wedding, as then I'll be taller than H2B!! Sucks big time.

    As I LOVE shoes..

    I am thinking number 3 as well.. just simple and pretty.
  • 2 or 3
  • 4

    And can I be cheeky and ask where they are from pretty please
    4 for me too. You want a lil glamour on your feet image
  • icklekidicklekid Posts: 732
    2 x
  • They are all from ebay!!

    Just type in wedding shoe clip and LOADS come up!!

    I have gone for 3, and a few ladies said about the bling bits catching on dress, and there is alot of layers of my dress.

    No one is going to be able to see my shoes, because of the size of my dress..
  • 3 match the dress nicely x
  • 2 or 4! a girl needs some sparkle!

    Your wedding day is the only day out of your life you can completely absolutely well and trully shamelessly self indulgent!

    let us know what you decide with pics! x image
  • Boo81ukBoo81uk Posts: 254
    I like the first or the third! image
  • Not got an opinion - love them all but think I might steal the clips idea! I'm having two pairs of shoes - heels for the cermony and flats for the party - I can't survive in heels all night - could get plain heels and plain flats and use the clips on both. Would be a lot cheaper than buying two sets of fancy shoes image So thankies for the idea
  • It is a really good idea, the shoe clips, I had never even thought of it, until I started looking for flats, and hated them all.

    I have gone for 3! The simple ivory bow!

    It's really hard, as I have alot of hatred towards my shoes lol I don't want to wear flats, I really dislike flats.. but cause H2B is only 2-3 inches taller than me, I have to wear flats so I'm shorter in photos!!

    I wont be wearing these all day anyway.

    I am going to get a pair of silver glitter vans trainers as well maybe for the evening! Haven't decided 100%

    I am a trainers girl.. my friends etc refer to me as their punk rock princess.. so I can pull of trainers under a wedding dress.. Simon think's the trainers are a great idea. haha
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