How much wedding planning did your fiance help you with?

My fiance and I are having a DIY wedding. I doing most of all of the DIY projects since I'm the one who is super crafty. My fiance has helped me designing the seating chart and save-the-date card wording. She has also made a song for our wedding. We both registered for our gifts together. We've picked out songs for our wedding. How much planning did

your fiance help you with? I want to give her more projects to do.


  • Like you I am the more crafty one and I have designed & made the save the dates, invites and some decorations. I'm not going to get my fiance to help with this because he isn't artistically inclined and would only frustrate me.

    That's not to say he gets away with doing nothing but he has got more practical tasks like organising us giving our notice, meeting with the registrar, organising getting the suits for him, his best man & usher and has already taken an interest and helped with the guestlist and organising spreadsheets & notes.
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