Pocketfold invites

Im after some metallic navy blue pocketfold invites. Can't find anything that matches what I want so gonna have to DIY? Can anyone send me in the right direction for resources please


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    make a white paper template of what you think you want, change it, make it perfect, replicate it in some card that fits the colours you want.....

    ive just worked out how to upload pics and now i cant be stopped. give me one min and il pic what i mean
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    original design

    second attempt


    the invite proper -outside

    and inside

    obviously not done the inside text yet but there is the general invite going int he middle, to the left and right will have venue details and mini maps and the bottom pocket has three cards in it for accommodation, rsvp/contact details and gift list
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    the band is actually made from wall paper as it doesnt need to be double sided so iv just wondered into b&q and got me some very expensive (but free) samples image
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    Hi Donna

    I am after the same, I am getting myself all in a tizz over wedding stationery as I just cannot seem to decide what I like! I saw this website: http://www.pocketfoldinvites.co.uk/our-design-gallery-10-c.asp and I like their Viva La Vintage invite so I have contacted them to see if they can do the same but in Navy - in their DIY bit I think they have navy card? Hope that helps! x
  • I want to go for something like this


    Think I'm gonna have to DIY! But where should I get the equipment, card erc?
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    I got my card from PDA card and craft x

    Edited as stupid thing posted before i had finished!! image
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