Anyone getting married at Moor Hall, Cookham?

Hi ladies,

I just wanted to find out if anyone is getting married at Moor Hall or has been married at Moor Hall or has been to a wedding there?

I am looking to hear some feedback as we are looking to book there!



  • Isn't that part of the CIM? If so I've never been to a wedding there but I go past it all the time - lovely building! image
  • Yes it is. We went to have a look around and it looks beautiful I just want to know what the food etc is like.
  • My H2B has been to a conference there and he said the food was good image
  • Hi, we are getting married just around the corner at sanctum on the green. Moor hall looks lovely and I was going to put them on my info sheets as guest accommodation but they won't open unless I can committ to x amount of rooms which I can't! The bedrooms are very basic but nice and cheap so what more do you need!! The reception staff were very nice and helpful but I can't help with food sorry!!! I know lots of local suppliers though if you do decide to go ahead!!!
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