Flowers - Stressful!

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Anyone else finding it stressful trying to organise the flowers?

Ive contacted a few different florists asking for quotes and have also popped in with my printed pictures of ideas. None of them have given me an exact price, its always, "roughly this" or "from this price" its driving me insane!

Then im telling them I want white roses - apparently in florist talk white roses aren't white they are green or something... I don't care what colour they are called, I want white roses, you know what white is so just get me them, Im the customer I don't need the complicated business talk!


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    I can't be dealing with flowers, not interested in them or know anything about them, so I'm having silk/foam flowers for the bouquets and buttonholes and that's it!

    But yes, if you want a rose petal to be white, surely they know what you actually mean regardless of what THEY call it!
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    Yes it was a bit tricky before it was confirmed hubby's aunt would do ours. One even expected me to tell her exactly what flowers I wanted - like I know, I'm not the florist!

    The way I got round it was to make up a document with pictures of roughly what I wanted. I knew I wanted Cala lilies but couldn't care less what the rest were as long as they were in our colours. I listed it out with details of how many we wanted - ie how many buttonholes, flower wands, table centres and pedestal arrangements. Then gave them our date so they know what's in season. I just emailed this off to half a dozen florists and asked for a quote. Those that don't respond, at least you know up front that's how they treat their customers. Those that are vague can be asked for an exact price, but hopefully you should find that most will come back and give you a set price.
  • MrsKJHMrsKJH Posts: 132

    Ive made some displays with foam flowers but H2B wants to have everything else as real flowers.

    I never thought the flowers would stress me out this much!
  • Mine have been fab, I had a lot of ideas so me an h2b went and sat with them for two hours going through the ideas and then they came back to us with ah fixed quote 2 days later xx
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    Dudders1 - I completely agree, they expect you to know EXACTLY 100% how you want your flowers to look but as a florist you expect them to guide you in the right direction and so far none of them have.

    I have done the exact same, put a document together with a full description of what we want and then pictures to go with it and ive just said white and hot pink roses for mine and BM's bouquet and then all other displays, don't care just hot pink and white flowers, don't care what they are just put something together. They want you to tell them the exact flower you want, I have no idea what half the name of flowers are!

    I was considering not having any flowers at all yesterday it was annoying me that much!
  • We are also having white roses at our wedding..

    I also got told loads of different things by different florists.

    Dont stress try and enjoy,

    I am unsure you will get exact price until you decide exactly what you want, from what i found there are dozens of different rose styles and shapes and it depends on how you want them displayed etc, what we did was arrange appointment with the florist for a good chat we were in there like an hour and half, i went in with all my pictures and ideas and we chatted for like an hour, he also told me what would work in the vases we wanted to uses etc and i made him show me different examples of what he could do. Depending on type of rose we found cost can vary quite abit.. we decided on avalache roses because of there shape.

    There are also different colour white roses sorry to say but we found what one florist called a white rose looked yellow to me.. if your dress is true white my suggestion is to take swatch to florist with you to make sure its what you want..

    Then 2 weeks after are meeting he sent through break down of what we had discussed and prices per item for button holes, table centrepieces etc.. then total price including delivery, set up hire of vases and vat. we did this in 3 florists before making our decision hope this helps x
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    They're so expensive, I just wouldn't be able to spend that much on something that will die in not so long (sorry if that sounds really pessimistic haha!)

    Plus, the rule in the church we're getting married in is, if we put flowers in the church for decoration then we can't take them with us, we have to leave them there as a celebration of God's creation, so wouldn't even be able to take them to the reception
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    Mrsr2b13 - im glad you have got yours sorted image

    Yes one florist we saw, we sat with her for 2 hours going through things but came out none the wiser, had no prices and no ideas of what we wanted image
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    I didn't really warm to any of the florists I contacted then I came across a link on the natural wedding site. I rang the lady and she was so lovely I told her my date and that we liked wildflowers and the rustic look and she sent me lots of pitures/ideas of flowers she'd done and what was about that time of year. she has invited us over to her gardens in April this year (we get married April 2013) to discuss what we want and have a coffee and look round and then she's going to grown them especially for our wedding.... and for someone who really hates gardening I'm really excited and looking forward to it so it's gone from not really bothering about to flowers to being excited
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    Hazzzerr - no way, I love the fact that we're getting married in church, its what ive always wanted but I do think they take the mick sometimes. I can't beleive if you pay for flowers they won't let you take them with you.

    That's made me think now because we wanted two pedistal arrangements made up to have in the church and then to be taken to our Marquee afterwards but I better check that the same rules don't apply at our church. Im not paying £170 for them to be left there!
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    gembeck - thanks for that, I just googled avalanche roses and I think that's what we want too. None of the florists ive been to have told us there are different types of roses so this really does help image
  • I've ripped out bits in magazines and printed images off the net to get an idea of what I want. Avalanche roses are perfect, theyre a fuller rose and v pretty, I'm also having sweet avalanche roses (tinged pink) and Amnesia roses (the dusky pink rose that looks vintagey) It's by reading y&yw & other wedding mags they tend to tell you what flowers are what and reading other peoples wedding report .

    Every week I proudly announce a new flower I've learnt to h2b!Lol

    Hazzzerr That's awful, we're having decorations from next, they can do one if they think i'll be letting the church keep them!!
  • Spond25 - just wondering where you're based? I'm getting married in April 2013 too and really like the sound of that!
  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580
    Spond25 - just wondering where you're based? I'm getting married in April 2013 too and really like the sound of that!

    In South Lincolnshire - we're getting married near Grantham
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