Film Your Day Ceased Trading - Anyone Else?

We booked months ago to have Film your Day provide cameras, and edit the film, for our wedding day in October. I went on their website yesterday to discover that they have ceased trading - Eek!

I'm wondering if anyone else who has booked has received the letter that should have been sent out? I have just moved, and my postal redirection was a bit late kicking in, so I'm thinking that it may or may not be sitting in my old flat 200 miles away. Apparently we should get a full refund of the deposit, but if not we have wedding insurance which will cover it - think of all the hassle though.....

With six weeks to go I now how to come up with alternatives, which will not be easy given that we got a very good deal in the first place... too good by the looks of things!



  • Hello,

    We booked this company about 12 months ago, for our wedding on April 7th 2012.

    We hired the cameras, but to date we have not received our DVD or had any refund.

    We've been totally scammed by this company = anyone else had this experience?

    Matthew and Lucy

  • My wedding planner spoke to Shoot It Yourself, which offer a similar service, they have been inundated with people trying to get cameras at the last minute.

    It must be awful to have lost your footage. Did you pay via Paypal? There may be some protection through them, not that it replaces your lost footage. I'm very relieved that we have only lost the deposit, and that we have wedding insurance


  • Have looked up the Paypal disput thing and it doesn't look like it would be covered image Wedding insurance claim it is then


  • I had the same problem with this company.  Film your day were still in contact with me the week of my wedding saying everything would be delivered on time etc.  And then they simply didn't turn up and left us feeling devastated! I managed to get the 2nd payment refunded by Paypal but not the deposit.

    My wedding insurance covers deposits but they said they only cover it if the company goes into liquidation which there is no evidence of.  So they said I need to chase the deposit from them.

    All in all a very frustrating and upsetting experience!

    Hope you didn't lose too much. If anyone has any proof that they are in liquidation please let me know!



  • Not that it is much help but if they do go into liquidation the company handling the process will contact all creditors. 

  • I used this Company for my Wedding back in February. Although we have some raw footage (not all of it adnd this was like getting blood out of a stone) we have never received our final finished DVD. The manager's name if anyone's interestedis Jonathan Forster and he spun me a line everytime I finally managed to get through to them. I have not received a letter advising detailing of the full reasons of closure, dispite what the website said. I tried my best to write bad reviews about this company staight after the wedding, but they must get advised about this as none of them were posted. If anyone has any more info about them or the company they've appointed as their corporate advisor I'd love to have about it, they shouldn't be allowed to get away with taking people's money. I also heard they are trying to set up a company in the USA, so I might see if I can find anything that route. Really sorry to hear your stories.


  • Hi all,

    I am currently having the exact same problem. I booked these guys back in November 2011 for my September 2012 deal. At that time there was a voucher in Wedding Ideas Magazine so I paid £475 up front through paypal. I never got a contract no matter how much I chased, all my correspondence with them was done via email.

    Anyway I have never received any correspondence from regarding their closure so I contacted my insurance company and set up a claim. The insurance company got back to me today saying that there was nothing they could do as there is no evidence that this company have ceased trading. I checked companies’ house and the internet and they appear as ‘Active’ everywhere. The insurance company say that I need to get a refund from them.

    Surely there must be something we can do? The company director is Mrs C. Forster according to these websites.

    Lets keep each other updated, I refuse to believe that they can just do this.

  • Hi everyone

    We got married in May 2012, paid in full and the cameras arrived, were used and were sent back. We went on honeymoon and when we got back we didn't have our DVD, even though they claimed to have a 5 day turnaround. The company told me it was because I had to choose my music but other than that the DVD was ready to go. I sent my music request back immediately but never heard from them again. I noticed they had ceased trading and we paid by credit card so are hoping to get the money back but somewhere, there is a DVD and all the raw footage of our wedding day. This is absolutely devastating as we didn't have a photographer for the whole day because we had the camera, and we had a rehearsal dinner and post-wedding BBQ all filmed.

    Matthew and Lucy - I share your frustrations about losing your footage. We have never received a letter and I CANNOT find out who the administrators are. Do we need to collectively take this further? Has no one received a letter?!!?!

    Rosanna, Surrey

  • Hi there,

    I think the first step is to contact your local trading standards, contact details should be on your local borough website.

    I have also contacted watchdog which I advise you all do as well.

    I feel especially bad for those who never got their footage, its one thing losing money but losing wedding footage.. Can't believe some people would stoop so low.

  • DeanoDeano Posts: 1

    Hi all

    My wife and i are in exactly the same boat. We got married in May this year, filmed the day but not on the camera we ordered! We requested a handy cam and were delivered a camera that weighed a tonne and had to be placed on a static tripod all day (no guest interviews etc etc - only ceremony and speeches).

    When we got back from honeymoon - absolutely nothing! Only the statement on the website sating all footage pre July 27th would be processed in full. As of today (9th Oct) still nothing!

    We're devastated and would love to get hold of our footage.

    If anyone has any news do get in touch on here and together hopefully we can put some of this right!

    Dean & Carla

  • I have now contacted watchdog...if enough of us do this they might take up our story. The fact that no administrators appear to have been appointed would suggest this is an absolute scam.

    Toby - I don't suppose we will ever get our footage back but if we do maybe you can edit it for us! Going through a long-winded process to try to get the money back but I am starting to lose hope on all fronts.

  • atlast2atlast2 Posts: 171

    Hi all

    sorry to hear about the problems you are all having - that's awful.  I've checked at companies house for you and the company is NOT in administration or liquidation.  The company is still active and no forms have been filed to close the company.  As the company is still active, if your insurance covers "disputes", then this may be a way to get some help in recovering monies from them.

    So now for the detective bit.  Companies House shows that the registered address of Film Your Day limited is still The Oast Business Centre,62 Bell Road, Sittingbourne.  Of course, their website says that they are no longer at this address.  This puts them in breach of the companies act, as they should have an address to trade from and receive correspondence, but that doesn't really help you.

    Companies House also shows that the sole director of Film your day is Claire Forster.  However, the address given for her is also at the Oast Business Centre.

    Another company, Inventweb, also has the same address.  this also shows as active on Companies House, and has a pretty identical message on their website at (I am going somewhere with this - stick with me).

    The director of Inventweb is Jonathan Forster, and the company secretary is Claire Forster.  The difference is that with this company registration, Claire Forster has provided a different address - doing a but of stalking on google maps, looks to be a personal address.  Not the right way to get in touch with a company you are in dispute with, but probably the only way in these circumstances (I would be inclined to point that out in any correspondence with them). 

    I therefore think your only option is to write to Claire Forster as a director of Film Your Day Limited at her personal address setting out your claim for the return of the monies.  You should probably state that you have seen the announcement on the website, but no letter has been received and Companies House have no record of an advisor/administrator/liquidator being appointed.  As the registered office of the company, which is still active, is still the Oast Business Centre, which is an address you know will not work, you have had no option but to use the address registered to her as a director of the company.  Tell her exactly how much money you want back.  Those of you that have already had your wedding filmed may want to state that you will accept the footage in lieu of a refund (as this is probably what you want).  State that if you do not receive the monies/footage by date, you will be forced to pursue a claim against the company through the courts, and ask the courts for permission to serve papers on the company this new address in the circumstances (you could officially serve the claim against the company at its registered address, even though you know they won’t get it, and possibly get a judgment against the company without them knowing, but if post is returned, you will need an alternative method, and getting a “secret” judgment probably won’t help you, as what you need is for them to engage with you and give you your videos!).   

    Warning: a claim through the courts is only worth pursuing if the company has any assets to enforce judgment against (have to be the company's assets, not the directors personal ones) - Film Your Day already has one judgment against it showing at Companies House – no information on their assets as the company is too new to have filed any accounts yet. 

    Hope this helps some of you at least get your footage back.  Keep us posted. 

  • Atlast thanks so much for your brilliant detective work. I will most definitely be writing to this thief at her personal address demanding my money back. I think everyone who is owed money and or footage should do the same, see if anyone hears back.

    Could you just explain the court thing ? How would one go about pursuing a company to get money back?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi everyone, 

    We too have been victims of Film Your Day. We got married in March this year and used the hired equipment to record our big day. We returned the cameras and our footage to Film Your Day 2 days after our wedding and after more than 20 emails eventually got some response from the company. However we are still waiting on our dvd. We have not received a letter giving details of their corporate advisor either. We paid in full for this service long ago and to be honest we don't care about the money, we just want the footage of our wedding day (as I'm sure everyone does)'s heartbreaking. Has anyone written to Claire Forster at her personal address? I think I will, but I'm not confident it will acheive is after all very easy to ignore a letter. I don't understand why they would want to hold onto footage of someone else's wedding day... they have nothign to gain from that....but it means the world to us. So frustrating! I have already written to watchdog, but as yet have had no response. Perhaps if eveyone does it, we will have a stronger voice. If anyone else has any more info please let us know. Thanks 

  • JSJS Posts: 2


    I have a debt collection firm looking for Jonathan (InventWeb Ltd). I have also logged a case with Action for Fraud 03001232040. Please report this to Trading Standards in Kent 01622221012. We need more people to report it as I have otherwise no-one will investigate. 


  • JSJS Posts: 2

    When reporting please link it to the 2 businesses, inventweb and film-your-day.

    If you want to link up and talk email me [email protected]

  • atlast2atlast2 Posts: 171

    @fijilovers2008 – sorry for the late reply.

    The process for going through the courts would be to issue a claim against the company for the sum due – probably a small claim as the limit for a small claim is any claim under £5000.

    The claim would need to be served on the company at its registered office or its principal place of business.  This leaves you with no option but to serve the company at an address where you know it no longer trades.  However, this is the address it has given Companies House as its registered office, so service at this address would still be valid service.  The director’s personal address would not fall into either of these categories unless the court gives permission for this address to be used in the circumstances.

    The claim can be issued online through (  Guidance on how to use this service can be found at

    The court fees are slightly cheaper by using the online service (but the court fees can be added to the claim if you are successful).

    If the company does not respond to the claim, you can get a judgment against them.  If the company defends the claim, it would proceed to a small claims hearing, which are fairly informal affairs, designed for people to attend without solicitors present.

    However, even if you get a judgment, this is only worth the paper it is written on if the company has some money to pay the judgment or some assets to enforce the judgment against.  If not, then you just become another creditor of the company and you have increased the sum owed to you by virtue of the court fees. 

    One advantage would be however that if they apply to Companies House to have the company struck off the companies register voluntarily (to avoid a formal liquidation), you as someone involved in litigation against them or as someone with a judgment debt would be able to object to this, but you would need to monitor the company to check if they apply for this.  If they want to avoid formal liquidation proceedings, you could offer to withdraw the objection so long as you were paid.

    Hope this makes some sense. 

  • How do people like this sleep at night!?!? How upsetting. If it was just a case of the money I think I would be able just to put this one down to experience, but somebody somewhere has footage of our wedding and there is no way of finding it. I emailed Claire Forster at the address that was linked to the paypal account, but obviously no repsonse. It's times like these I wish I had links with the mafia!! Perhaps a private investigator could make some progress! Lol, getting a bit carried away now........or am I...?

  • hi, i too have been had by film your day and have never had a letter, can someone let me know if they have got anywhere with this? i just want my footage, feel abit better knowing i am not alone in this but equally knowing others are going through this makes me feel worse! thanks 

  • Hello everyone, it's Andrea here from Shoot It Yourself.

    A friend of ours forwarded this thread to us and we are so sorry to hear that so many of you were affected by the closure of Film Your Day image We were glad that we were able to help a couple of brides who had been affected but it was a shame that we didn't have more availability.

    Since we appeared on Dragons Den there have been lots of companies who have copied our idea but be very careful of a deal that seems to good to be true - chances are that it is! Always make sure that you check out their video examples on their website AND get them to send you a DVD example in the post to make sure that you are happy with how it is going to be delivered. We'd also recommend reading their reviews on Hitched and checking their Facebook and Twitter pages.

    We're not all nasty spam artists we promise!

    Andrea from SIY x

  • LewinLewin Posts: 1

    I had the same problem when I booked these guys for my son’s 1st birthday – I paid a deposit via play pal and could not get my refund

    I also paid the remaining cost via back transfer and I lost that too.

    I went straight to the Police and they told me they have not made any crimes yet as on the website it states ‘you will receive a full refund’

    Totally be scammed

  • maya2maya2 Posts: 1

    can we all please help eachother and do something about this all together it has been a year and im still not over this and i dont think i will be. 

  • bazikovabazikova Posts: 94

    Think you should be talking to Watchdog about this!

  • atlast2atlast2 Posts: 171

    You need to act quickly.  There's a proposal to strike off the company been lodged at companies house. 


  • Myself and my husband have had the same experience. We contacted the Daily Record who ran a story but had no mor luck than us. What can we do I'm desperate to get my footage ????

  • Joe2Joe2 Posts: 1

    For your information we believe Jonathan Forster is currently running his latest web company called Redblast Media (Kent Web Design).

  • Hi how are you all.

    The two people that are in the post. Claire and Jo can I just say that Claire is nothing to do with this. Her Husband Jo started in her name (without her knowing) Claire as now left him as he was taking loan, cards out in her name. At the moment jo as moved to a different address which I do not know.

    I am only telling you this as am a close friend of Claire’s and just trying to clear her name.  


  • hi, I have information on these two people and I have given it too the fraud team and trading standards I have current address details, phone numbers and there new current jobs and businesses which I have handed allober to correct authorities and I hope you all get some hope from this that these con people will be caught. my email is [email protected]. I was always conned by one of these individuals but in a different way.

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