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Minstrel Court, Royston

So we have at last found a venue that both me & Mr L agree on! Minstrel Court in Royston - the grounds are beautiful and they seem very flexible there. Our main wedding wish is to get married outside and the chances of it happening are pretty good  there as they have covers & heating for the Pavillion so outdoor ceremonies can happen even in the rain...

Has anyone else got married or been to a wedding there? Would love to hear others' experiences as there seems to be very little online about this place!



  • TRUDIE-2TRUDIE-2 Posts: 6

    How was your wedding we arelooking to book the same place.

  • LightningLightning Posts: 5

    Hi Trudie 

    We actually ended up cancelling our booking at Minstrel Court and got married (and had a lovely day!) at another venue in Royston. 

  • Hi what made you cancel Minstrel Court? And what venue did you go for?

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