I am looking for a reasonably priced videographer for May next year in the London/ Surrey area. Does anyone have any suggestions please?!

Many thanks


  • JJ2013JJ2013 Posts: 628

    hi im using artistic motion who charge £490 for a one camera 8 hr package. haven't had my wedding yet though to comment on the reliability etc but he responds to emails very quickly

  • MrsWraggToBeMrsWraggToBe Posts: 281

    Hi JJ2013 do you have a website for the videographer? Thats a really good price image

  • Sunny BSunny B Posts: 31 are cheaper.. and its all day with 2 man team.

    1 man is boring, same static angles.

  • Hi there

    I've been making corporate videos and am just breaking out into wedding videos, so I'm cheap! (for 2014 only, I'm charging £400)

    Here's a link to a recent wedding video trailer I've created -

    The couple also got another 1 minute trailer which acted as an intro to the whole ceremony.  they didn't have speeches but I normally provide them too, any stills from the footage they wanted and an out-take video.

    I personally don't think 1 man videos are boring if they're done correctly, with more than one camera.

    I can be contacted at:



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    We have gone with someone else now that works alongside our photographer who is family so we trust the recommendation but we looked at who seem quite good hope this helps image

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  • Linda97Linda97 Posts: 3

    Please please do not use Artistic Motion - complete nightmare.
    I have been waiting 9 months and no sign of a video, not even a preview.

    David continues to promise to pay us back and send the right DVD over any over and nothing arrives.

    We have resorted to seeking legal counsel, please stay away.

    Has completely ruined the idea of ever seeing our wedding in motion and an utter disgrace of customer service.

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    Hi there,

    Are you still looking for videographer for your special day?
    We are a newly established company, based in UK. We deal with all the things relating to video filming, photography work and graphic design.

    So if you are still looking for videographer just give us a call on 014620656638 and we will give you the best quote as possible. 
    Also check-out our website and our instagram: @reel_mode
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