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Where to buy tea / ankle length vintage 50's inspired wedding dress <£1k in UK?

Hi everyone

Im getting married next year and I REALLY want a stunning 50's inspired tea / ankle length style wedding dress. I specifically want it to have a lace overlay at the top with 3/4 length sleeves (to hide a hideous tattoo, regrettably acquired during a rebellious phase in my teens image)

The only problem is I've SCOURED the net and can only find really expensive ones or very cheap ones that have to be ordered abroad from such places as China. I don't think Im brave enough to do this so I'd rather a British based shop/designer please.

 I particularly love designs by Brighton based dressmaker Joanne Fleming, her collection is absolutely out of this world! But shes grown in popularity in recent years, and her dresses have shot up in price, averaging at around £1500.

I particularly LOVE these designs based on her 'Annie' dress:

I really want to find something similar in style but a lot cheaper, preferably under the £1k mark. Can anyone help....Im desperate!

Thanks xxx


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