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i hi have been researching singing waiters for our wedding. After e mails andnumerous phone calls I had made my decision to book them. After me debating about wether to book them I received an e mail to say they were offering buy one get one free on the waiter if I booked within a few days. After a few hours I received an e mail to say this was sent out by accident and was to be ignored. I then had agreed a price with a staff member who assured me this was an accident and the price would still stand. I emailed them to say I wanted to book and the price went up to £800 and got told I shouldn't have been offered the price and there was nothing they could do. No apology and they weren't willing to change the price.


So so just a warning no bride should have to go through the stress of this when planning a wedding. So I'm now back to square one trying to find a surprise singing waiters company if any can recommend someone is be very grateful. 


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    I'm just stating my experience with the company. not sure if you've looked at having a company for singing waiters as there are so many! such, surely to you the customer service and first impressions of a company are important. that is  all im saying! 


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    Inclined to agree with Sal. As long as you didn't pay any money/sign a contract. Yes, its irritating and annoying but nothing to get worked up about hun. They apologised and said it was a mistake. No real harm done. Don't let minor blips marr your planning xx

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    Hey I kinda agree with Lola, they were so so pushy with us and like a sales team! We found The Singing Staff, a company run by the singers and not by an agency which we think the Best Singing Waiters are! We saved over £1200 on the price and spoke directly to the singers who were FAB! Glenn and Dunc performed at our wedding and were AMAZING!!! My feedback video is on the website too hahah 

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    Hi Gemma.

    thanks for your advice, I don't think anyone that hasn't experienced there pushy sales staff, understand how bad it actually is. When your planning your wedding you shouldn't be pushed into making a booking there and then, you should enjoy the experience and with the best singing waiters I didn't!!

    I will have a look at the company you mentioned, I was looking at the surprise singers At the moment. They seem really genuine not charging an ott price Willing to adapt to our venue etc! 

    May I ask some of the songs you had Gemma please? As I'm doing it as I surprise to my fiancé and trying to think of songs that not just I like.

  • Sounds like these guys took advantage of you as they knew you couldn't make any last minute changes!!!

    After my experience I would suggest this was so. We had The "BEST" Singing Waiters dot com at our wedding and to say they were bad karaoke is an understatement.

    Please avoid these guys like the plague and look for a well established entertainment company that has genuine reviews online and not ones they hand pick.

    After complaining about the only thing that put a downer on our day the owner Jamie, displayed a lack of customer service and care for our displeasure.

    He told us:

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    Hi Eddie,

    Under no circumstances will you be receiving a refund.


    Kind regards,





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    I am so sorry to hear of this. I attempted to book with Jamie and his unprofessional and attitude soon made me change my mind. have you had any further contact since? X 

  • So we.paid a deposit after completing best si ging waiters online form and was contacted by a Jason  horner entertainments coordinator and duly paid our deposit. Now told this jason had left the company when he took deposit and jamie suggested I go to.the police which we intend to do. So 
    My data not protected   y him and was used fraudulently and we lost 250
    00 .lucky. on y that amount they wanted more,!nd will  be advice. At the  very least they should refund the money. Disgusting !!! Dont use !!! 
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