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Hi all, 

I am looking at my save the dates. I'm not getting married until June 2017  - when would you say the best time to send them out is?

Also, i am on a tight budget (spent too much on the venue) so was thinking about designing them myself and having them printed. Does anyone have any recommendations of places?

Or are there any cheap save the date websites?

Also (sorry) do i send them  day guests, evening guests or both? And do i specify which type of invite they will be getting?

Thanks so much xx


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    I would suggest sending the save the dates as soon as you can.  I sent mine out about 12 months before my wedding and still some people said they had plans and wouldn't be able to make the wedding.  The earlier notice you give people, the better I think.

    My friend designed her own save the dates and printed them herself on nice card and they turned out really well and didn't cost much at all.  I don't know which website she used but I'm sure there will be plenty if you Google it.

    I only sent my save the dates to my day guests and the other people invited to the evening were given a heads up of the date for the evening reception.  Like you, I went overbudget on my venue (and dress) and wanted to keep other costs minimal.  I also once received a save the date for a Friday wedding so I took a holiday from work, thinking it would be for the full day, only to realise that I was only invited to the evening reception so was a waste of a day's holiday.

    Having said that, 6 of H2B's friends have booked a skiing holiday and will be away on our wedding day, even though we told them to hold the date for the evening reception....MEN!!!

    E xx


  • imageWe are making ours 


    we are making ours made our bridesmaid, best man & flower girls cards today. X

  • Hi Emma,

    Thanks so much for your reply.

    I have designed my save the date now so i might see how it prints at home and if not, ill look at a printing website.

    Typical H2Bs friends. Men are terrible!! 

    My only concern is we are only having a small day ceremony and more people to the night so i'd fear without a save the date, they wouldn't be able to make it.

    Emma x




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    Hi Emma

    Good job getting them designed yourself!  Hopefully they'll look great when you print them out and you don't need to go to a professional printer. :)

    Oh I could strangle the men but what can I do - I suppose it's less people to keep "watered" at the reception so I should be grateful really that they aren't coming, haha.

    Like you, I'm have a small ceremony (30 people - max I can hold in the church), a few extra people joining us for the meal and more folk coming in the evening.  I know what you mean about the evening guests not being able to make it, quite daunting thought that nobody will turn up.  Perhaps, seeing as you're designing them yourself and can keep costs to a minimum, you could design save the dates for the evening guests (mentioning it is just for reception) and send them.  If it makes you feel better and won't cost you much more (aside from postage) then go for it, I say.

    E x



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    We used these as something different

    They also have star designs too which are slightly cheaper

    This seller does free delivery over a certain amount and there is only one delivery charge for a bulk order.

    I would definitely send them out as soon as possible. We are not getting married until 29 September 2017 but we are sending our save the dates and invitations in the next few weeks.

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    I'm also a June 2017 bride :) I already have our save the dates but I'm not going to send them out until the new year. I don't want people to lose them if I send them out too early! And also maybe I don't want people to know what an 'over-planner' I am haha. I know brides who are getting married in 2016 who haven't even sent out their save the dates yet. Hmm.

    I have bought cute wooden mason jar magnet save the dates from etsy- including postage from Australia they only cost me £35 for 50 which I was more than happy with! I also bought some cute little brown kraft envelopes and designed and printed some pretty vintage style address labels (which were free as I used the work printer... hehe)


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    They are great but something you could think about is something I did to mine - I bought a roll of adhesive magnetic tape and added strips of it to the back of my save the date cards and that way people could stick them on the fridge and not loose them. I have seen lots of mine on friends and family fridges since!

  • loolah1loolah1 Posts: 396

    I got mine from here - she is very reasonable!


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