So everything's coming together...

Met the priest at the weekend, going to ring the registrar today... we are thinking of having it on 27 August 2016 as it will be the Bank Holiday weekend.


OMG just having a date is so exciting!!!! 


I have my dress and veil, there's a sale at a local bridal shop so going to have a peek at bridesmaid dresses on my lunch break.  Getting married in the local Catholic church then having the reception at a castle!  I had no idea you need a registrar for a Catholic service though.


After you had your venue booked did you take a break from planning for a while?  As you can probably tell I'm so excited but I think my mum wants me to take a break for a while and start again a few months beforehand.  I do want to keep looking around and getting ideas but I'm worried I'll do everything too soon then have nothing to do in the build up - what do you think?


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    There are certain items you could "take a break" on and wait until a few months before: making or buying favors, selecting shoes, buying attendants gifts, buying groom gift, buying/making confetti or bubbles, etc. Essentially, a lot of the less important and downright options items can wait until a few months before (if you opt to go them at all). On the other hand, there are other items that need to be booked about a year in advance, if you want to have a good selection of professionals who are also available on your date, and that includes the photographer (and/or videographer), the florist, the planner/ day-of coordinator, the cars, musicians and/or dj, baker, and caterer. Some of these professionals book more than a year out. Even if you plan to DIY, these are details I would still take care of sooner than later.

    If you plan to honeymoon immediately after, that also needs to be get planned well in advance. Also, have you each selected your attendants? This is another thing that needs to get sorted sooner than later, because these people need to have enough notice so that they don't commit to other plans and also so that both you and they have enough time to save for any related expenses.

    You also need to make a decision about STD cards and invites. Those don't need to be ordered too far in advance, but it you plan to DIY, you need to set aside enough time to get them done and not have to rush and do a shoddy job.

    I hope this helps!

  • Oh thank you that's really helpful  do you find that the timelines that they put in wedding magazines etc are quite accurate then?

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    I say that given the fact you have picked high season and a bank hol weekend to get married you should get as much booked as possible. I was looking with 18 months to go when I started and found that options were limited on some suppliers! 

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    i am getting married a month before you and have booked/sorted:

    - invites were sent out end of september
    - florist
    - musicians and choir for the church
    - DJ
    - hotel rooms for the night before/the night of
    - my dress and bridesmaids dresses
    - make up and hair
    - photographer
    - videographer 
    - honeymoon (as we needed to pop our gift list info on the invites!)
    - transport
    - venue decor
    - our wedding rings
    - my hen do

    basically, my theory is that if you need an actual person at your wedding to do a particular job, then book them ASAP. for things like cake, favours, suits...we'll be dealing with them next year so i am now taking a break lol. i'd say for now, book your photographer and sort save the dates. people may make plans for the bank holiday/be on holiday then so give them plenty of notice of your date!

    in my opinion, there is no harm in sorting everything early. it just takes the stress off! given the time of year you're getting married and that your wedding is about nine months away, i'd get going if i was you to save disappointment! x

  • Hi. Your wedding us 2 weeks after mine! ☺☺

    I've booked the church, venue, cake, florist, dj, photographer,  hair and makeup, venue dresser, wedding cars, the caterers for wedding breakfast and got a wishing well hired.  There's still lots of little bits to sort out but I'm leaving all that until after Xmas now. I haven't got my wedding dress yet, hoping to get one in the new year sales. I'm going to send my save the dates end of the year as ordered them now. 

    It's all very exciting! ☺☺

  • I think it's very helpful to take breaks from planning now and then. But keep in mind that there are a lot of vendors who will book up far out. I would say the big things you should have planned early are: venue, decorator, caterer, DJ or Band, Dress, and photographer. You also have to order your invitations several months out so you can get them sent and be sure they are returned on time. Once you have those big things out of the way, feel free to take a break! Then when you come back to planning check out this blog to make sure you remember some of those little things. I hope this helps!

  • That's super helpful thanks everyone - think I'll just go with my instinct and get things booked asap!! 

  • I just booked our ceremony... 

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    Good for you Nicola186.  I agree with the ladies above, it doesn't hurt to work ahead a bit, especially if your wedding is during the busy season. Taking a break from the planning now and then is good advice as well, but not until after the major suppliers and items are secured.

    I think the timelines in the wedding mags for the most part are helpful. I think the biggest thing to keep in mind on those, is that they try to list EVERYTHING humanely possible that you could need to sort out, to try to cover everyone's planning needs - just because it is on their list doesn't mean you "have to" do it. It's just a guide, not a directive. Don't feel pressured to add something to your day (and your budget) just because it's on their timeline :)

  • That's such a good point, I know I look at a lot of things on the list and think "do we even need that?" I would love a videographer as well as a photographer and I've found one who's reasonably priced x

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