Too late for save the dates? Shall I just send invites earlier?

Hi all,

Our wedding is July 1st 2016. We only booked a few weeks ago, so are only now looking at STD cards and sending with people' Christmas cards. But am now thinking is it worth it?

I imagine the venue will need final numbers a good few weeks before the wedding, so people need to RSVP by say, June 1st, and will need a month to reply? So I was thinking invites go out March time - is it worth me ordering the save the dates?

Genuine question really not an expert on timelines!!

TIA xxx


  • Are you on Facebook? If so, for your guests that are also, set up an event. We did that and it was brilliant! People could chat with each other and ask questions easily and it was a good way for guests to get to know each other before the event.

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    I would send some out as people will be looking to book summer holidays after christmas. I am a July bride and my venue needs final numbers 14 days before the wedding. x

  • Thanks ladies, think I will get them ordered then! x

  • We sent all our invites in January for an October wedding. I really don't see the point of waiting. 

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    The only downside in sending invitations out so soon is that people tend to just put them to one side with the intention of replying nearer the date of the wedding and then forget to do it or that the haven't done it and then you end up chasing people!

  • That's what we were told, but we sent ours out ten months in advance and only one person needed chasing. (Out of 120). You'll need to chase someone whenever you ask them. We didn't want to waste money on save the dates that we could use elsewhere. 

    If I had an invite 12 weeks before I would probably already busy.

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    hey rainbooboo,

    we are getting married at the end of july and sent our invites out at the end of september (mainly because we wanted to give people plenty of notice to save for/book hotel rooms). i wouldn't worry about chasing people - there will always be a few who get left behind regardless of whether you give them 10 months or 10 days notice! i was worried that sending out invites earlier than the norm would go against us, but even local friends have said they appreciate knowing all the details now.

    i would definitely get on it if i was you and skip STDs (save your money!). we didn't put an RSVP date on our invites either - we aren't expecting to get a deadline for a few months yet. we will just give a poke to anyone who hasn't replied to us nearer the time!


  • thanks lubes, think it may be worth skipping as you say and just ording the invites. The other plus of this is that if some people RSVP a "no" we would still have time to send a second round of invite to bump up some people who may otherwise be just an evening invite!

    Thanks for your help as usual lovelies! x

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